Welcome to BasicVersity

BasicVersity is short for Basic University. Grand sounding name for a species that may go out of fashion in the near future, one might say. BasicVersity is a free tool to help you test and practice your knowledge of all sorts of topics – IT skills, Business skills, Certifications, Standardized tests and entrance exams, basic subjects (maths,¬†English…)

Presently there are 1500 tests across 700 topics to choose from.

The idea behind BasicVersity tests is not really to test you, but to encourage you to practice your knowledge. For example, often you will guess the right answer by just looking at the choices. But, isn’t that great! This may help reinforce the concept better, I think (that ‘Ah yes!) moment.

So, please go ahead. Pick a topic. Take a test. Look at the results. Test again…

A small request: If you liked the test, please share it with friends, family and colleagues. Help us spread the word. Thank you.