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1. Other name for the sage - Krishna

2. Was a tribe on the East Coast - who refused to submit to the Mauryan Empire. Once Ashoka found out that they army had conquered them - he freed them - returned land - and wrote an apology.

3. A greeting meaning 'the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.'

4. Slaves who were represented as Purusha's feet in the Aryan Caste System.

5. The time period of the Vedas (1 -500 B.C.E. to 1 -000 B.C.E)

6. Priests who were on the top of the Aryan Caste system and were from Purusha's mouth. They were responsible for religious rituals and rituals. Their literal translation means - one possessed of Brahmin'.

7. Word for duty

8. Also known as - 'Song of the Lord'. It is the most renowned section in the Mahabharata and illustrated the concept of Dharma (duty) ad was added into the Mahabharata at a later time. The conversation between Arjuna and Krishna.

9. The maid - ... - urged Kakeyi to have Rama banished.

10. The word for survival - importance - and wealth - was known as ...

11. Close to the city of Harappa. Also known as 'Mounds of the Dead'. Cared about hygiene and used gutter systems - had dwellings and bathrooms - etc.

12. The five branches of theIndus River that houses were built along the side of. The 'Five Rivers'

13. The trembling that woke Vishnu up - from his sleep.

14. Term for heroic warrior

15. A ... was a person who could take complete control over their senses.

16. Was Rama's brother who came with him during his exile. He was a dedicated brother and fought for Rama - especially during Rama's expedition to get Sita back.

17. The time period of the Vedas (1 -500 B.C.E. to 1 -000 B.C.E)

18. Term for: Compassion

19. Indians will occasionally refer to their country with this label - named after a successful Aryan tribe.

20. Was Siddhartha Gautama's charioteer.

21. Were the people who did not believe in enjoying life - and got inner peace by finding a greater reality than their own.

22. Word for pleasure

23. Other name for the sage - Krishna

24. The capital that Rama ruled over was called ...

25. Was a prince from Kosalo before dropping out of society and creating Jainism. He was formerly known as Nataputta Vardhamana.

26. The age where the Vedas took place and were used almost as cultural guidelines for everyday life.

27. Was the Greek ambassador who was impressed with Chandragupta's work and wrote about it.

28. Was a prince from the capital Adoyha. He did his Dharma and was an admirable ruler who respected his elders. However - when he was up for throne - his mother ordered his father to banish him. His father was Dasharatha.

29. A route that led shepherds and nomadic tribes through the Himalaya Mountans and into Central Asia. It's distance was 32 miles long.

30. Was Siddhartha Gautama's charioteer.

31. A ... is a sage

32. The followers of Jainism - or the people who followed the ways of Mahavira - which was a person who had control over all of his senses.

33. The first kingdom ofIndia/State ofIndia where the 16 kingdoms developed.

34. Those who wore sacred clothing - took part in rituals - and were guaranteed to reach the afterlife. The three upper classes inIndia who were able to take part in thread.

35. The 16 kingdoms that were comprised of multiple tribes

36. Is where Megasthenes was from.

37. The large pool-like bath in the citadel of Mohenjo-Daro - which was used most likely for hygiene and rituals.

38. Word for Aryan Caste System (social classes based on skin tone)

39. A heroic Warrior

40. Was the oldest city from Chandragupta's reign. This city had an important university during Chandragupta's time.

41. A Buddhist Shrine was called a ...

42. AnIndian figure that Brahmins claimed to have comprised the world. Also represented the Aryan Caste System.

43. A ... is a sage

44. The extended word for Jana that warriors called themselves when they settled in the Ganga Valleys.

45. The word for 'pure' - which was used to describe the Aryans.

46. The religion that took place in the woods - where people would not do everyday things.

47. The oldest book in Sanskrit literature is called ...

48. Represented one's duty/purpose in life.

49. Is the most famous story in the Mahabharata. It is also known as - 'The Song of the Lord'.

50. Great (Aryan) cheifs