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Subjects : ielts, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. (v): To be grateful for sth that sb has done; to welcome sth (v): To recognize the good qualities of sb/sth

2. (v): ~ sb To do sth: To say or do sth that you know will annoy sb so that they react in an angry way

3. (n): Something that helps sb/sth to develop better or more quickly

4. (n): (sculptress): A person who makes sculptures

5. (a): Of or connected with seeing or sight

6. (n): A place where people meet for an organized event - for example a concert - sporting event or conference

7. (n): The state of having a close personal relationship with sb

8. (v): To design and arrange the steps and movements for dancers in a ballet or a show

9. (n): A female dancer in ballet

10. (a): The adj of distract

11. (a): Never changing and therefore boring = repetitious

12. (v): To give sb the desire - confidence or enthusiasm to do sth well

13. (adv): Adv of aesthetic

14. (a): important or well known - easily seen

15. (n): ~ (to do sth) - ~ (for sth): The process that takes place when sb sees or hears sth that causes them to have exciting new ideas or makes them want to create sth - especially in art - music or literature

16. (n): The way you are feeling at a particular time - (n): A period of being angry or impatient

17. (a): Connected with art or artists

18. (a): Full of interesting or exciting ideas; making people feel enthusiastic = inspiring

19. (v): Imaginative (a) - imagination (n)

20. (n): An activity involving a special skill at making things with your hands (n): Boat or ship

21. (v): To describe sth in words - or give an impression of sth in words or with a picture (v): To show an image of sb/sth in a picture

22. (a): Based on general ideas and not on any particular real person - thing or situation

23. (a): The adj of inspiration

24. (v): To begin to grow or develop rapidly

25. (v): in: To succeed in doing or completing sth = achieve

26. (n): A person who plays a musical instrument or writes music - especially as a job

27. (n): The noun of accomplished

28. (n): Pleasure that you have when you recognize and enjoy the good qualities of sb/sth (n): of sth: A full or sympathetic understanding of sth - such as a situation or a problem - and of what it involves

29. (v): To take sb's attention away from what they are trying to do = divert

30. (a): The adj of burgeon

31. (v): To be or go beyond the usual limits of sth = exceed

32. (a): Having or showing strong feelings of enthusiasm for sth or belief in sth

33. (n): The state of being important - well known or noticeable

34. (a): Not interesting or exciting = dull

35. (n): A large group of people who play various musical instruments together - led by a conductor

36. (a): (of people) having a close and friendly relationship

37. (n): An object or a pattern made by cutting away material from wood or stone; the art of making objects in this way

38. (n)(a): Concerned with beauty and art and the understanding of beautiful things

39. (v): To improve the quality of sth - often by adding sth to it

40. (n): A collection of things - for example works of art - that are shown to the public (n): ~ of sth: The act of showing sth - for example works of art - to the public

41. (a): very good at a particular thing; having a lot of skills

42. (n): An object that is made by a person - especially sth of historical or cultural interest