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CISSP Secure Software Development

Subjects : it-skills, cissp
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1. Style of programming that promotes discipline; allows introspection; and providing controlled flexibility; requires refined processes and modular development; each phase subject to review and approval; allows for security to be added in a formalized

2. Inter Process Communications- mechanisms that facilitate communication between processes or threads

3. identifies open ports on a host

4. A software development methodology that focuses on Defect prevention rather than defect removal. The goal is to write the code correctly the first time!

5. looking for unprotected modems

6. identifies hosts that are alive

7. A database with relationships between data sets with the freedom of a network database - but without the constraints of a hierarchical database. The structure is defined by its schema.

8. exploits flaw in DNS software-no validation of source;provides data to DNS that is not authentication;redirects traffic to an alternate server without victims knowledge

9. packets in excess of 65535 bytes sent targeted machine

10. Online Transaction Processing- records all business transactions as they occur;acts as monitor; detects process aborts;restarts aborted processes;backs out failed transaction;allows distribution of multiple copies of application servers;performs dyna

11. The art of getting people to divulge sensitive information to others in a friendly manner or through intimidation?

12. looking for Wireless Access points

13. is a high-level description of a system--typically containing no details.

14. spiral method; nested version of waterfall method; estimated costs and schedules are revised at the end of the assessment Decision to proceed/cancel project is revisited after each risk assessment

15. Conceal a lower level processes from higher level processes

16. Virtual machine;restricts the applets access to system resources

17. Memory management involves allocating memory to a process; reallocating it upon process completion; then re-allocating to a new process- can result in residual information

18. The act of limiting running processes ability to view or modify memory and cache that's assigned to another process.

19. The tree structure of a collection of objects and classes

20. An action that is performed on a database that results in the addition or alteration or removal of data.

21. A varient of logic bombs. A plot that takes insignificant pennies from a user's bank account and move them to an attacker's bank account is an example of...

22. Maintenance or programming hook; software entry point that is inserted by programmer; allows developers to bypass normal acces restrictions

23. A software development methodology that focuses on Defect prevention rather than defect removal. The goal is to write the code correctly the first time!

24. One of the 3 concepts for securing distributed systems other than software integrity and data integrity.

25. Combines data from multiple databases;data is extracted and transferred to central store;OLAP

26. A process of viewing an application from its highest-level functions which makes all lower-level functions into abstractions

27. A software component in a distributed system that performs a particular service or function. (e.g. Patch management or Host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS) and performance and capacity monitoring.

28. Not trained or bound by sys dev practices; no proper app design no change control no support; apps lack security

29. Channel allowing two cooperating processes to transfer info in a way it violated sec policy; either storage; one process writes; another process reads or timing one process relays info to another by modulating its use of sys resources

30. Joint Application Development- management process that allows developers to work directly with users

31. Ensures seperation of duties by ensuring programmers do not have access to production code.

32. Online Analytical Processing

33. Access to data at the same time; both denied

34. An attack that invloves sending a user to a different webpage they did not click on. It can lead to DOS attacks.

35. The best defense against a session hijacking and MITM attacks which should be incorporated in the development of software? Use randomized and unique ids to id sessions between two communicating targets.

36. Allows for successive refinements of requirements; design and coding; requires change control mechanism;prototyping initial concept; desing and implement initial prototype; refine prototype; complete and release

37. A template that defines the methods and variables to be included in a particular type of object

38. Each process has its own memory space

39. The process of developing one object from another object but with different values in the new object

40. checks Semantic-structural enforcement;referential; cascading update/delete;entity tables must have Primary Key; Primary columns must be unique and not null

41. A malicious program that spreads by attacking known weaknesses on computer systems.

42. Database structure

43. Ensures seperation of duties by ensuring programmers do not have access to production code.

44. Attribute related to another table

45. Training; explicit policies; do not double-click attachments;disable windows scrpit host; activeX; Vbscript; and javascript;do not send HTML formatted Email; use more than one scaner and scan everything

46. A feature which allows virtual tables in a database.Role ased access control to protect confidentiality of data in databases can be achieved by what? A view can be set up for each user on the system so that the user can only view those virtual tables

47. Applets containing a digital signature and can run outside the virtual machine and be given access to system resources based on the trust

48. An attack that is a special form of social engineering in which an attacker posing as a system or security administrator or vendor tells unsuspecting users that a security flaw has been discovered on their system and that they should install a certai

49. formal processes in place and repeatable

50. reconfigures a system to use the IP of a trusted system-correct with packet filtering techniques