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100 Words For Every Highschool Freshman

Subjects : english, vocabulary
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Quiet. thinks deeply to themselves.

2. Organism that gets it nourishment from another

3. A poisonous substance

4. Peaceful - quiet - rest

5. No pattern

6. To have a great ambition

7. Picture writing.

8. Condition of uncertainty or doubt; confusion

9. Noisy loud - opposite of tranquility

10. To swing indecisively from one idea or course of action to another; to waver weakly in mind or will

11. Mutual helpfulness - specifically the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent

12. Change in gene or chromosome

13. To crouch back in fear

14. A pretense of having a virtuous character - moral or religious beliefs or principles - etc. - that one does not really possess.

15. The astronomical measurement of the distance light travels in a year

16. To move in waves or with a wavelike motion; to have a wavelike appearance or form

17. Rude

18. Everybody agrees

19. Plant tissue that conducts food

20. Very strange or odd

21. Conversation

22. Isolation for a amount of time for an animal or person

23. A statue some people use to 'scare bad sprits away'

24. Proper behavior or conduct

25. Difficult to defeat

26. A band of colors(rainbow) - broad range of related values or qualities or ideas or activities. Also a band of colors

27. Noisy - violent

28. Evergreen trees with regular rainfall

29. Outline of body

30. Showing great excitment or interest

31. Military force that is not a part of a regular army and operates in small bands

32. Shot that protects you from not getting something - a substance that stimulates the body to produce chemicals that destroy viruses or bacteria

33. A flat close shape with 3 or more sides

34. To do well. to grow and develop

35. An elevated piece of land

36. Peace - relax - calmness

37. Poisonous gas layer

38. Boat - an expensive vessel propelled by sail or power and used for cruising or racing

39. To draw back from

40. Comparing 2 things that are not alike

41. An extremely cold - dry biome

42. Plan

43. A cloud of interstellar gas and dust

44. Depression

45. Random. all over the place (like having all different types of music on an ipod)

46. Oval shaped.

47. A protein in blood or tissues that protect you against certain germs

48. A method of concealing or hiding military troops

49. Method - way of doing something

50. To honor memory of