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What is BasicVersity?
BasicVersity is a free tool to help students, professionals and everyone else to test their basic knowledge of all the important topics - including basic subjects (r.g. maths and vocabulary), work skills (IT skills, Business skills, soft skills, professional certifications), as well as all types of standardized tests and exams (e.g. AP, SAT, GRE...). BasicVersity covers all the essential areas of knowledge from 1st grade to graduation honors.

How is BasicVersity different?
As if the breadth of knowledge was not enough. No problem, we get it. On BasicVersity, you don't have to take 5 or 10 questions at a time. You get to answer 50 questions at a time and that too within a small timeframe. Moreover, for most of the important online tests, we have more than 100 questions and every time you reload the test, both questions and answers are randomized. In other words, BasicVersity tests your basic knowledge in a manner so that there is no escape. Happy, now?

How does testing my basic knowledge on BasicVersity improve my knowledge levels?
Remember the saying, Practice makes perfect? If you don't like what you see on the results page, test yourself again, and then again...

At BasicVersity, our motto is simple: Learn anywhere, just test yourelf on BasicVersity.

Why Joining BasicVersity helps
When you become a member, you can also track your progress, see your average scores, share scores with others and do more.

Who should use BasicVersity?
BasicVersity is useful for these people (in no particular order): High school student, college freshman, an up-and-coming business professional, a nurse, a nerd who likes his calculus and engineering, or...you get the point, right? BasicVersity is for anyone who is a die-hard, do-it-yourself self-improver.

Start practicing now
Enough about what BasicVersity is and what it does.
Now, on to you. Practice and improve your knowledge levels.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

P.S. BasicVersity was created by Pramit Singh. Faizuddin Ali Ahmed did the coding. The site was launched in April 2013.

If you want to get in touch (you may have some reasons) then please send a message at simpleversity AT gmail.com.