BasicVersity Help

How to browse BasicVersity tests
There are two ways to do this:

To browse all tests (if you have all the time in the world!), click on the Tests link on the top.
To browse test by subjects, click on the Subjects link on top.

How is BasisVersity organized?
Tests in BasicVersity are tagged by subjects, which you can browse on the subjects' page. However, for simplicity's sake, here are some main categories of tests: Why join BasicVersity
No, you don't have to join BasicVersity so that we can spam you. No, that would not be right.

Join BasicVersity, so that:
The results page
Whenever you take a test, the results page will show you: Percentage, Percentile (shows your place among other people who have taken the same test), and a simple badge (Newbie, star and super star).

That's not all. The results page will also show a marksheet with corrections. However, it will show corrections for only the questions that you have attempted. So, try to answer all the questions, okay?

Did we forget there is a timer as well? Currently, the time is set at 15 minutes. Yes, we know - answering 50 questions in 15 minutes is a big ask. The saying goes, life is difficult.

The badges
These are fun ways to read your performance on BasicVersity online tests.

There are 4 levels (in ascending order): Newbie (you do not want to be here), Rising star, Star, and Superstar (this is the place to be, scoring 90% and above).

The report card
This is a sample report card that registered users can use to track their progress as they take test for subject multiple times.