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16th Century Timeline

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1. AmericanIndians kill Spanish missionaries in what would later be Jamestown - Virginia.

2. Mongols led by Altan Khan invade China and besiege Beijing.

3. The reign of Abbas I marks the zenith of the Safavid dynasty.

4. Leonardo da Vinci begins painting the Mona Lisa and completes it three or four years later.

5. Songhai forces sack the Malian capital of Niani

6. The Anglo-Spanish War is fought on both sides of theAtlantic.

7. Drake's royal reception after his attacks on Spanish possessions - influences Philip II of Spain to build up the Spanish Armada. English ships in Spanish harbours are impounded.

8. The Union of Arras unifies the southern Netherlands - a foundation for the later states of the Spanish Netherlands - the Austrian Netherlands and Belgium

9. After the Siege of Antwerp - many of its merchants flee to Amsterdam.According to Luc-Normand Tellier - 'At its peak - between 1510 and 1557 - Antwerp concentrated about 40% of the world trade...It is estimated that the port of Antwerp was earning th

10. Emperor Charles V decisively dismantles the Schmalkaldic League at the Battle of M

11. Yermak Timofeyevich conquers the Siberia Khanate on behalf of the Stroganovs.

12. Spanish

13. Capture of Buda and the absorption of the major part of Hungary by the Ottoman Empire.

14. Leonardo da Vinci dies of natural causes at May 2.

15. The Polish

16. Abbas I moved Safavids capital from Qazvin to Isfahan in 1598.

17. Galileo Galilei born on February 15

18. Leonardo da Vinci dies of natural causes at May 2.

19. The Council of Trent meets for the first time in Trent.

20. Sweden gains independence from the Kalmar Union.

21. Ethiopian/Portuguese troops decisively defeat the Muslim army at the Battle of Wayna Daga; Imam Ahmad Gragn killed.

22. The Battle of Flodden Field in which invading Scots are defeated by Henry VIII's forces.

23. The first recorded epidemic of smallpox in the New World occurs on the island of Hispaniola and decimates the native Ta

24. The Ottomans capture Massawa - all but isolating Ethiopia from the rest of the world.

25. Amazon River is encountered and explored by Francisco de Orellana.

26. The Shaanxi Earthquake in China is history's deadliest known earthquake.

27. Barbary pirates led by Hayreddin Barbarossa raid Provence and Toulon in southern France.

28. William Shakespeare baptized 26 April

29. Akbar the Great defeats the Sultan of Bengal at the Second battle of Panipat

30. Pope Pius V completes the Holy League as a united front against the Ottoman Turks.

31. Henry VIII dies in the Palace of Whitehall on 28 January at the age of 55.

32. Spain and Germany defeat France at the Battle of Pavia - Francis I of France is captured.

33. The reign of Abbas I marks the zenith of the Safavid dynasty.

34. Hernando de Soto explores inland North America.

35. Portuguese establishes Recife in Pernambuco - north-east of Brazil.

36. North African pirates enslave the entire population of the Maltese island Gozo - between 5000 and 6000 - sending them to Libya.

37. Fifth outbreak of sweating sickness in England. John Caius of Shrewsbury writes the first full contemporary account of the symptoms of the disease.

38. The Hospitallers defeat the Ottoman Empire at the Siege of Malta (1565).

39. An Algerian military campaign by Charles V of Spain (Habsburg) is unsuccessful.

40. Vasco N

41. Imam Ahmad Gragn defeats the Ethiopian Emperor Dawit II in the Battle of Shimbra Kure - the opening clash of the Ethiopian

42. The Protestant Reformation begins when Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses in Saxony.

43. The M

44. John Stow reports 10 -675 plague deaths in London - a city of approximately 200000 people.

45. Livonian War between Poland - Grand Principality of Lithuania - Sweden - Denmark and Russia.

46. The Mali Empire is defeated at the Battle of Jenn

47. Mir Chakar Khan Rind captured Delhi with Emperor Humayun.

48. Spain repulses the English Armada.

49. Valladolid debate concerning the existence of souls in Amerindians

50. The Battle of Orsha halts Muscovy's expansion into Eastern Europe.