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16th Century Timeline

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1. The reign of Suleiman the Magnificent marks the zenith of the Ottoman Empire.

2. Valladolid debate concerning the existence of souls in Amerindians

3. Battle of Sekigahara in Japan. End of the Warring States period and beginning of the Edo period.

4. Spain defeats France at the Battle of Cerignola. Considered to be the first battle in history won by gunpowder small arms.

5. The Azuchi-Momoyama period in Japan.

6. Birth of Ren

7. Mary Tudor becomes the first queen regnant of England.

8. A period of drought - with famine in all of Spain.

9. Spain repulses the English Armada.

10. John Stow reports 10 -675 plague deaths in London - a city of approximately 200000 people.

11. Portuguese navigator Pedro

12. Copernicus writes Commentariolus - and moves the sun to the center of the solar system.

13. Henry VIII crush the French at the Battle of the Spurs.

14. With the Peace of Cateau Cambr

15. Russia conquers the Astrakhan Khanate.

16. The Portuguese settle in Macau.

17. Amazon River is encountered and explored by Francisco de Orellana.

18. An Algerian military campaign by Charles V of Spain (Habsburg) is unsuccessful.

19. After a siege of 4 months the Siege of Leiden ends in a comprehensive Dutch victory.

20. Guido de Bres draws up the Belgic Confession of Protestant faith.

21. Mir Chakar Khan Rind leaves Baluchistan and settled in Punjab.

22. Abbas I moved Safavids capital from Qazvin to Isfahan in 1598.

23. Brielle is taken from Habsburg Spain by Protestant Watergeuzen in the Capture of Brielle - in the Eighty Years' War.

24. Battle of Uedahara - Firearms are used for the first time on the battlefield in Japan - and Takeda Shingen is defeated by Murakami Yoshikiyo.

25. Safavid dynasty reunified Iran and ruled over it until 1736. Safavids adopt a Shia branch of Islam.

26. Abbas I moved Safavids capital from Qazvin to Isfahan in 1598.

27. War resumes between Francis I of France and Emperor Charles V. This time Henry VIII is allied to the Emperor - while James V of Scotland and Sultan Suleiman I are allied to the French.

28. Capture of Buda and the absorption of the major part of Hungary by the Ottoman Empire.

29. Pomponio Algerio - radical theologian - is executed by boiling in oil as part of the Roman inquisition.

30. Giordano Bruno is burned at the stake for heresy in Rome.

31. At least two thousand converted Jews are massacred in a Lisbon riot.

32. AmericanIndians kill Spanish missionaries in what would later be Jamestown - Virginia.

33. Grand Prince Ivan the Terrible is crowned tsar of (All)Russia - thenceforth becoming the first Russian tsar.

34. Affair of the Placards

35. Spanish navigator Andres de Urdaneta discovers the maritime route from Asia to the Americas across the Pacific Ocean - also known as the tornaviaje.

36. The Council of Trent meets for the first time in Trent.

37. Belgrade is captured by the Ottoman Empire.

38. The Union of Arras unifies the southern Netherlands - a foundation for the later states of the Spanish Netherlands - the Austrian Netherlands and Belgium

39. The Austrians defeat the Ottoman Empire at the Siege of Vienna.

40. After a siege of 4 months the Siege of Leiden ends in a comprehensive Dutch victory.

41. The Union of Utrecht unifies the northern Netherlands - a foundation for the later Dutch Republic.

42. Russia conquers the Khanate of Kazan.

43. The Battle of Diu marks the beginning of Portuguese dominance of the Spice trade.

44. King Afonso I of Kongo wins the battle of Mbanza Kongo - resulting in Catholicism becoming Kongo's state religion.

45. Spanish conquistadores apprehend the lastInca leader Tupak Amaru at Vilcabamba - Peru - and execute him in Cuzco.

46. Jacques Cartier claims Quebec for France.

47. Hern

48. Spanish expedition commanded by Magellan and Elcano first to circle Earth

49. The 'great plague' afflicts various parts of Tudor England.

50. Oda Nobunaga finally captures Nagashima fortress.