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17th Century Timeline

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1. The Mughal Empire nearly bans the EastIndia Company in response to pirate Henry Every's capture of the Ganj-i-Sawai

2. Assassination of Stephen Bocskay of Transylvania.

3. New Amsterdam founded by the Dutch WestIndia Company in North America.

4. Michael the Brave (first unificator of Romania) - voivode of Wallachia - Moldavia and Transylvania - is assassinated by the order of the Habsburg general Giorgio Basta at C

5. Emperor Ferdinand II defeats the Bohemian rebels in the Battle of White Mountain.

6. Cape Town founded by the Dutch EastIndia Company in South Africa.

7. The Great Plague of Seville.

8. The fortresses of Veszpr

9. Bethlen Gabor - Prince of Transylvania joins Protestant Rebels.

10. Peter the Great becomes joint ruler of Russia (sole tsar in 1696).

11. John Locke publishes his first 'Letter Concerning Toleration'.

12. Russia supplants Sweden as the dominant Baltic power after the Great Northern War.

13. Wars of the Three Kingdoms - civil wars throughout Scotland - Ireland - and England.

14. Polish

15. The last remaining Moriscos (Moors who had nominally converted to Christianity) in Spain are expelled.

16. The Dutch WestIndia Company invades the Portuguese colony of Pernambuco and founds Dutch Brazil.

17. The fortresses of Veszpr

18. The Great Plague of London.

19. Treaty of Vienna ends anti-Habsburg uprising in Royal Hungary.

20. Battle of L

21. Jamestown massacre - Algonquian natives kill 347 English settlers outside Jamestown - Virginia (1/3 of the colony's population) and burn the Henricus settlement.

22. Pedro de Peralta - governor of New Mexico - establishes the settlement of Santa Fe.

23. Dutch EastIndia Company founded. Its success contributes to the Dutch Golden Age.

24. The Treaty of Westminster ends the war between England and the Republic of the United Provinces.

25. Polish

26. The Pasha of Buda supports Imre Th

27. The death of Miyamoto Musashi - legendary Japanese Samurai warrior - of natural causes.

28. The Hudson's Bay Company is founded in Canada.

29. Bethlen Gabor is defeated outside Vienna.

30. Elizabeth I of England dies and is succeeded by her cousin King James VI of Scotland - uniting the crowns of Scotland and England.

31. The Defenestration of Prague

32. Ottoman campaign to help the Ukrainian Cossacks. John Sobieski defeats the Ottomans at the second battle of Khotyn (1673).

33. The Second Anglo-Dutch War fought between England and the United Provinces.

34. The Bohemian Revolt precipitates the Thirty Years' War which devastates Europe in the years 1618

35. The Portuguese Restoration War led to the end of the Iberian Union.

36. The Netherlands and Spain agree to a Twelve Years' Truce in the Eighty Years' War.

37. Jacques Aymar-Vernay - who later reintroduced Dowsing into popular use in Europe - is born.

38. Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.

39. Death of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu

40. Franco-Dutch War.

41. The Time of Troubles in Russia ends with the establishment of the House of Romanov which rules until 1917.

42. Portugal defeats the Kongo Empire at the Battle of Mbwila.

43. Quebec City founded by Samuel de Champlain in New France (present-day Canada).

44. John Evelyn's forestry book - Sylva - is published in England.

45. The Ottomans capture Crete from the Venetians after the Siege of Candia.

46. Maffeo Barberini is elected Pope Urban VIII at the Papal conclave of 1623.

47. Torture is outlawed in England.

48. After modernizing his army - Abbas I expands the Persian Empire by capturing territory from the Ottomans and the Portuguese.

49. The Battle of Killiecrankie is fought between Jacobite and Williamite forces in Highland Perthshire

50. The Manchus start invading China. Their conquest eventually topples the Ming Dynasty.