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17th Century Timeline

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1. Mehmed K

2. The Mughal Empire nearly bans the EastIndia Company in response to pirate Henry Every's capture of the Ganj-i-Sawai

3. The War of the Two Kings in Ireland.

4. Gunpowder Plot failed in England.

5. Giovanni Battista Pamphili is elected PopeInnocent X at the Papal conclave of 1644.

6. The Treaty of Zurawno brings Polish-Ottoman hostilities to a halt.

7. The Great Plague of London.

8. Ottoman war against Habsburg Hungary.

9. The Pasha of Buda supports Imre Th

10. The earliest known first-class cricket match took place in Sussex.

11. Captain Willem Janszoon and his crew aboard the Dutch EastIndia Company ship Duyfken becomes the first recorded Europeans to sight and make landfall in Australia.

12. Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.

13. The Battle of Chocim - Poles and Cossacks under Jan Karol Chodkiewicz defeat the Ottomans.

14. Capture of Ormuz; The island of Hormuz was captured by an Anglo-Persian force from Portuguese.

15. Beginning of English Civil War - conflict will end in 1651 with the execution of King Charles I - abolishment of the monarchy and the establishment of the supremacy of Parliament over the king.

16. The Great Fire of London.

17. Famine in France kills 2 million.

18. The Great Plague of Seville.

19. The Siege of Derry.

20. The Time of Troubles in Russia ends with the establishment of the House of Romanov which rules until 1917.

21. Torture is outlawed in England.

22. The Commonwealth of England ends and the monarchy is brought back during the English Restoration.

23. Polish-Ottoman War over Moldavia.

24. The Bohemian Revolt precipitates the Thirty Years' War which devastates Europe in the years 1618

25. China conquers the Kingdom of Tungning and annexes Taiwan.

26. Sultan Mehmed IV - advised by Kara Mustafa - decides to disregard the existing peace treaty with Leopold I - due to expire in 1684.

27. Taj Mahal building work started in Agra -India

28. The Ottomans capture Crete from the Venetians after the Siege of Candia.

29. The earliest known first-class cricket match took place in Sussex.

30. Maratha Empire founded inIndia by Shivaji.

31. Emperor Fasilides founds the city of Gondar - which becomes the capital of Ethiopia for the next two centuries.

32. The Great Turkish War halts the Ottoman Empire's expansion into Europe.

33. The Treaty of Nerchinsk established a border between Russia and China.

34. Disagreements between the Farnese and Barberini Pope Urban VIII escalate into the Wars of Castro and last until 1649.

35. Emperor Ferdinand II defeats the Bohemian rebels in the Battle of White Mountain.

36. Seven-year-old Mehmed IV becomes sultan.

37. Dutch EastIndia Company founded. Its success contributes to the Dutch Golden Age.

38. Gunpowder Plot failed in England.

39. The Tokugawa Shogunate institutes Sakoku- foreigners are expelled and no one is allowed to enter or leave Japan.

40. St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican completed.

41. Abbas I - the Safavids king - died.

42. The College of William and Mary is founded in Williamsburg - Virginia by a royal charter.

43. Assassination of Stephen Bocskay of Transylvania.

44. After modernizing his army - Abbas I expands the Persian Empire by capturing territory from the Ottomans and the Portuguese.

45. The Russian famine of 1601

46. The Defenestration of Prague

47. Bethlen Gabor allies with the Ottomans and an invasion of Moldavia takes place. The Polish suffer a disaster at Cecora on the River Prut.

48. The Battle of St. Gotthard - Count Raimondo Montecuccoli defeats the Ottomans. The Peace of Vasvar

49. St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican completed.

50. The Treaty of Karlowitz ends the Great Turkish War.