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19th Century Timeline

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1. Wilhelm R

2. Battle of the Alamo ends with defeat for Texan separatists.

3. Cape Colony becomes part of the British Empire.

4. Bah

5. Aspirin patented.

6. Paris Commune - Around 30000 Parisians were killed - and thousands more were later executed.

7. The Home Rule Movement is established in Ireland.

8. First isolation of aluminum.

9. Russian-Circassian War ended with the defeat and the exile of many Circassians. Imam Shamil defeated.

10. Battle of San Jacinto leads to the capture of General Santa Anna.

11. Basketball is invented.

12. The Pony Express started.

13. Anglo-Afghan Wars lead to stalemate and the establishment of the Durand line

14. The New Zealand Land Wars

15. SpanishInquisition officially ends.

16. The British Parliament passes the Great Reform Act.

17. The modern city of Singapore is established by the British EastIndia Company.

18. Upper and Lower Canada are merged into the Province of Canada

19. Trial of Oscar Wilde and premiere of his play The Importance of Being Earnest

20. Death of Vincent van Gogh.

21. New Zealand becomes the first country to enact women's suffrage

22. Haiti gains independence from France and becomes the first black republic.

23. Gregor Mendel formulates his laws of inheritance

24. Jack the Ripper murders occur in Whitechapel - London

25. The British Empire annexed Burma (now also called Myanmar) after three Anglo-Burmese Wars.

26. Empress Dowager Cixi of China engineers a coup d'

27. Premiere of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

28. 13 million Chinese die of famine in northern China.

29. Great Bosnian uprising against Ottoman rule occurs.

30. The massive expansion in population - territory - industry and wealth in the United States is referred to as the Gilded Age.

31. After two Opium Wars - France - the United Kingdom - the United States and Russia gained many concessions from China resulting in the decline of the Qing Dynasty.

32. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Sitting Bull surrenders.

33. Battle of San Jacinto leads to the capture of General Santa Anna.

34. Ranjit Singh crowned as King of Punjab.

35. Formation of theInternational Red Cross is followed by the adoption of theFirst Geneva Convention in 1864.

36. Unification of the Kingdom of Tonga under Taufa?ahau (King George Tupou I)

37. Blue jeans and barbed wire are invented.

38. The first boatloads of gold prospectors arrive in California - giving them the nickname 49ers.

39. Missouri Compromise

40. Russia abolishes serfdom.

41. The Paraguayan War ends Paraguayan ambitions for expansion and destroys much of the Paraguayan population.

42. The Battle of Trafalgar eliminates the French and Spanish naval fleets and allows for British dominance of the seas - a major factor for the success of the British Empire later in the century.

43. Wave of pogroms begins in the Russian Empire.

44. The Wahhabis of theFirst Saudi State capture Mecca and Medina.

45. Polish uprising against the Russian Empire.

46. Dreyfuss Affair

47. Austrian Empire founded by Francis I.

48. US forces overthrow the government of Hawaii

49. The One Thousand Days war in Colombia breaks out between the 'Liberales' and 'Conservadores' - culminating with the loss of Panama in 1903.

50. Samuel Morey patents the internal combustion engine.