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Ancient Rome Trivia

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1. Civic duty - public affairs

2. Augustus - Tiberius - Caligula - Cladius - Nero

3. African kingdom - that allies with Rome

4. Political power of the Emperor

5. 5th Julio-Claudian emperor - persecuted Christians - fire in Rome he blamed the Christians - however all of the other people blamed him - kicked pregnant wife to death - castrated and married a young boy (Sporus) made him look like his dead wife - fo

6. Fought for Scipio - reformer that tried to reduce the gap between rich and poor

7. Commander of Carthage during first Punic War - had to stop ruling because Carthage started to run out of resources

8. Octavian against Antony - naval battle - Octavian wins - Cleopatra and Antony kill themselves - didn't make sense

9. Slave who led the rebellion against Sicily - starts theFirst Servile War - which is a revolt against rich

10. Civic duty - public affairs

11. One of Antoninus Pius' heirs. Not interested in politics so made his brother Lucius Verus co-emperor. Commodus was his heir - more interested in philosophy stoic philosopher

12. Cannot propose laws but can veto laws - 10 in the Government - Serve for one year

13. What Cato said after every speech of his. Meaning - 'Rome must be destroyed.'

14. Hellenized Jew - encouraged Greek culture - one of the people responsible for Jesus's death

15. Tyrant of Syracuse used his power unjustly

16. When Plebeians went on strike from fighting

17. Love the the Lord your God with all your heart - and Love your neighbor as you love yourself

18. Son of Vespian helps him (Vespian) in the 'war' where the Jewish zealots proclaimed war on the Roman soldiers

19. Virgin but was 'raped by Mars' she had twin boys - Romulus and Remus

20. Popular speaker said to be the son of God - tried to reform Jewish religion - accidentally started Christianity

21. Caesar and Cleopatra's illegitimate son

22. Fought in Cannae - the Carthaginians won because they attacked the Romans from 4 sides

23. Carthage must be destroyed

24. Leader of the Huns from 434 to 453 CE - led the Hunds west into Germanic territory - threatening Rome

25. Was being supported by Roman troops because the Roman soldiers felt like Vitellius was favoring the German soldiers - was ruling Rome and the senate and the people of Rome liked him

26. Right hand man of Sulla who gladiator war and others - comes home in glory

27. Nephew of King of Numidia - he killed his cousins so he could become the King - bribes Rome to stay in power

28. Elected by senate - makes Trajan heir - set precedent for choosing heir based merit

29. I forbid

30. Hadrian's heir. Rule was boring besides Rome's 900th anniversary

31. Leader of the Seleucid Empire - alliances with Macedon

32. Roman leader who defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama

33. Worked through the senate to get power

34. English meaning: crow - Plank that connects to ships so the naval forces felt like they were fighting on land - the Roman navy was not their strong point

35. Augustus starts it - personal army for kings (emperors) of Rome - kind of like secret service

36. Romulus' land that he shared with his brother - became the center of Rome.

37. Brother of Titus became imperator by Praetorian Guard and princep by the Senate - he soon disregarded the Senate and merely did everything for the people of Rome - had people start referring to him as dominus et dues meaning Lord of God - first ruler

38. Proud

39. Orator - famous speaker in the Senate who becomes a senator

40. Caesar's right hand man - attempts to join Octavian and makes 2nd Triumvirate - loves Cleopatra

41. Didn't give up when attacked by Etruscanssaved the Romans.

42. Commander of the German forces - army said they wanted him as Imperator

43. Anointed one - Jewish term for savior

44. Julius Caesar's uncle - took power when Sulla left ends up getting killed by his own army

45. Last emperor of Rome - surrendered his crown to Odoacer

46. Many Jews that thought Jesus was a Messiah - and that he was going to oppose the Roman government

47. Commander of Carthage during first Punic War - had to stop ruling because Carthage started to run out of resources

48. Right hand man of Sulla who gladiator war and others - comes home in glory

49. King - roman governor of Syria - secular king of the Jews

50. Marius' assistant - his army comes through Rome and fights Marius