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AP English Language And Composition Vocab

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1. Appeal based on the character of the speaker

2. Of chief concern or importance

3. Hard-working

4. The opposite of active voice; in this voice - something happens to someone

5. The process of identifying similarities and differences between things

6. A grouping of words that define or clarity; a group of words that is not a sentence because there is no verb

7. Passing away with time; passing from one place to another

8. The writer's statement of purpose; the focal intent of the essay

9. Also known as an either/or fallacy; the suggestion is made in the argument that the problem or debate only has two solutions; can also be called the fallacy of the excluded middle

10. A crucial figure of speech in an argument when what is unknown is compared to something that is known using the word 'like -' or 'as -' or 'than' in order to better perceive its importance

11. Exercising good judgment or common sense

12. An observation or claim that is in opposition to your claim or an author's claim

13. Anxiety or fear about the future

14. Doubtful; of unlikely authenticity

15. An example or model

16. Good will between friends

17. To leave one country or region and settle in another

18. A judge who decides a disputed issue

19. An inversion in the second of two parallel phrases

20. Also known as loaded words - these can demonstrate a writer's intense feelings or emotions; they display an author's voice

21. Wrongdoing - misconduct

22. To absorb; to make similar

23. The deliberate repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of several successive poetic lines - prose sentences - clauses - or paragraphs

24. Persistence

25. A wonderful form of word play in which one word is mistakenly substituted for another that sounds similar

26. Long established; deep-rooted; habitual

27. Feeling hatred; scornful

28. Subject to erratic behavior; unpredictable

29. Treating in a condescending manner

30. All-powerful

31. Courageous; fearless

32. Prayer-like - this is a direct address to someone who is not present - to a deity or muse - or to some other power

33. A verbal (expressing action or a state of being) that is used as an adjective and most often ends in -ing or -ed

34. A combination of a compound and a complex sentence

35. A conjunction that makes an independent clause into a dependent clause

36. Describing a dry - rainless climate

37. A form of logical argumentation that requires the use of examples

38. A figure of speech in which what is unknown is compared to something that is known in order to better gauge its importance

39. A sentence structure made up of two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction

40. Presenting favorable circumstances; auspicious

41. A selected part of a passage or scene

42. Describing words or phrases that belittle or speak negatively of someone

43. Easily shaped or formed; easily influenced

44. An assortment or a mixture - especially of musical pieces

45. Describing flowery or elaborate speech

46. An attack on the person rather than the issues at hand (a common fallacy)

47. Giving human attributes to non-human things

48. Extra; unnecessary

49. Timid; fearful about the future

50. Seemingly valid or acceptable; credible