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AP English Language And Composition Vocab

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1. A choice in which something must be one way or the other - there is no middle ground

2. The deliberate repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of several successive poetic lines - prose sentences - clauses - or paragraphs

3. The state or quality of being average; of moderate to low quality

4. A minor device - this is the ending of a series of lines - phrases - clauses - or sentences with the same word or words

5. Describing a dry - rainless climate

6. A perfect example; an original pattern or model

7. Easy-going; friendly

8. A major figure of speech in rhetorical analysis that seeks to create a mental discontinuity - which then forces the reader to pause and seek clarity

9. Insulting in manner or speech

10. A question

11. An example or model

12. Another word for a claim; a statement of truth - at least to the person making the argument

13. Friendly; sincere

14. A term that signifies a relational comparison of or similarity between two objects or ideas

15. Simultaneously having opposing feelings; uncertain

16. Given freely; unearned; unwarranted

17. A statement or a proposition that seems senseless or self-contradictory - but in reality - it may be true

18. Having great depth or seriousness

19. In essay questions - this has two definitions: the correct one and the common one; the correct one is that this is the paragraph or language that defines the essay task (doesn't include the passage itself); the common definition of this is one you wi

20. A possible answer that seems to be correct - but is either wrong or is not as good as other answers

21. Sadness; depression

22. One who is independent and resists adherence to a group

23. Open to more than one interpretation

24. Closeness

25. Done by secretive means

26. Treating in a condescending manner

27. A crucial figure of speech in an argument when what is unknown is compared to something that is known using the word 'like -' or 'as -' or 'than' in order to better perceive its importance

28. Informative; contributing to one's awareness

29. A failure of logical reasoning

30. Trustworthiness; completeness

31. Telling a story; a specific way of telling a story

32. Quiet or humble in manner or appearance

33. Cunning

34. Not applied to actual objects

35. Author - audience - purpose

36. The presence of two or more possible meanings in any passage; not clear

37. Treating people as weak or inferior

38. A minor figure of speech in which the name of one thing is substituted for another with which it is closely associated

39. The moods/associations/implications of a word or phrase - as opposed to its exact meaning

40. A play on words; in an argument - this usually calls humorous attention to a particular point

41. The study of the origin of words and their historical uses

42. Exercising good judgment or common sense

43. The art of using language effectively and persuasively

44. Any time one of the five senses (visual - auditory - tactile - olfactory - gustatory) is evoked by what you have read - you have encountered this

45. Profoundly moving; touching

46. An incorrect understanding or interpretation

47. An independent clause followed by all sorts of debris - usually dependent clauses

48. Describing a showy or pretentious display

49. Doubtful; of unlikely authenticity

50. Arrogantly domineering or overbearing