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1. A war between Russia and Japan for Port Arthur - and for more influence in CHina

2. The two rival communists groups. One weree true revolutionary Marxists - and the other were revisionist socialists.

3. A work that presents a revolutionary view of society and describes an ideal socialistic community on an island somewhere off the mainland of the New World. He created the name utopia as a good place which is no place

4. This was the way that many people were granted salvation. This was a common method of the church to gain power and money

5. A successful politician in France - he was a moderate republican who helped stabilize government

6. This was the scientist who began to study anatomy in depth. He is referred as the father of anatomy

7. This was the man who starting absolutism in Prussia by uniting the three provinces of Prussia under one ruler.

8. This American naval officer was the driving factor in Japan's opening by using gunboat diplomacy

9. This is the act in which Napoleon ended the Directory by ousting the Directors and disbanding the legislature. He then established a strong military dictatorship in place of the weak Directory

10. The western front became stalemated because it was full of trench warfare and needless death

11. The reason behind the war was because a war would bring the Southern German states into the Prussian state - and the French wanted to teach Germany a lesson. It ended up that the Germans kicked butt - and the French were humiliated - and the German p

12. One of the best examples of a Renaissance man. He painted - wrote - sculpted - invented - among his philosophical ideas

13. The political mastermind behind all of Sardinia's unification plans - he succeeded in creating a Northern Italian nation state

14. A railroad that went across Siberia

15. A Political opponent of Stalin's who was executed for being more popular that Stalin

16. Bismarck's attack on the Catholic Church

17. People wanted Italian unity because it would unify Italy - and they wanted a different government. People did not want unification because it went against the church - there were very different areas in the north and the south - and because they want

18. Russia's lower house of politics

19. This English poet joined the Greeks and died fighting so that they may be free

20. Made friends with Italy - did stuff behind the table with Russia - and hated everyone else.

21. This was the ruling class of Russia after the Cossack Rebellion

22. This man was an active player in the French Revolution of 1848 who helped in the overthrow of Charles X

23. This man came up with the idea of communism/dialectic socialism that said that two classes have always battled against each other to form another class that will battle against its antithesis until the synthesis is one equal class working with each o

24. A group of socialist national parties that met and discussed Marx - and planned action

25. French leader of the Vichy republic of France - which was essentially Nazi France. He is seen as a traitor to his people by some Frenchman.

26. This was the Holy Roman Emperor that called for the Diet of Worms. He was a supporter of Catholicism and tried to crush the Reformation by use of the Counter-Reformation

27. A 'super patriot' of Italy - he helped unify southern Italy with the help of his Red Shirts

28. These decrees limited the voting rights of the wealthy and censored the press

29. This was the way that the English landowners would now organize their land so that the farmers would become more productive in their work

30. A Siberian preacher who became friends of the Tsars - but hated by the public - twisted and cheated and exploited Alexandra.

31. This was the letter Martin Luther wrote to Archbishop Albert which explained that indulgences undermined the seriousness of the sacrament of penance

32. French revisionist socialist who repudiated revisionist doctrines to achieve a unified socialist state

33. This was a man who believed that Christian life rested on the Scriptures and a prominent leader in the Swiss Reformation. He went on to attack indulgences - the Mass - the institution of monasticism - and clerical celibacy

34. A Russian Tsar who implemented rapid social change and general modernization of Russia.

35. The political party with whom the Provisional Government had to share power with

36. War preparations were unstoppable because once you started to prepare - you knew that your enemies were doing the same - and you could not stop - because if you did - your enemies could attack you

37. The French Revolution of 1830 occurred because Louis XVIII only granted a small percentage of people the right to vote and Charles X attack of Algeria and as a result - he censored the press and limited the voting rights of the wealthy

38. Man who created the printing press and changed the production and reading of books

39. The idea that human beings simply exist - have no higher purpose - and must exist and choose their actions for themselves. Existentialism mainly influenced by Nietzsche. Existentialism sustain popularity in Germany with Martin Heidegger and Karl Jasp

40. This was the group of people that was important in converting Asians and Latin Americans to Catholicism which allowed for the mass spread of Christianity

41. A period of reform for china in the attempt to meet the foreign challenge

42. A desire of some people in Ireland to not be ruled by England

43. They fell behind in industrialization - in education - and in general compared to the west

44. Their demand was universal male suffrage

45. The pact was an agreement to define the border between France and Germany - and in which Britain and Italy would gang up on the aggressor if the treaty was broken. The spirit was this feeling that war could be stopped again by peace talks that settle

46. An important invasion that lead to the removal of Mussolini from government - only to have him put back later

47. Lieutenant General of the Imperial Russian Army and foremost general for the White Russians in the Russian civil war.

48. These were people who migrated to new lands - but then came back to either farm - or to stay

49. French stockbroker turned painter - pioneered expressionist techniques and fled to South Pacific

50. These were meeting places for philosophical discussion that were for the upper and middle class citizens who would talk about different doctrines