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1. This was the king that took the throne during the Restoration and peacefully had agreements with the Parliament until he made secret agreements with Louis XIV to relax the laws against the English Catholics and eventually a Catholic became the next k

2. This was the Pope that called the Council of Trent

3. This was the list of books that were prohibited by the papacy in order to stop more religious thinkers

4. These were the laws passed by the Parliament that prohibited the English people from forming a union

5. Laws that classified a jew as someone having one or more jewish grandparent

6. This was the harsh and violent conversion of Spain back into Catholicism. They used several versions of torture and fear tactics to convert people back to Catholicism

7. This was the international war between the Protestants and Catholics that eventually ended religious conflicts in Europe

8. The revolution of the unplanned overthrowing of the Tsarist government - and the government that followed the revolution.

9. This was a movement within Lutheranism that revived Protestantism that called for an emotional relationship - allowed for the priesthood of all believers - and the Christian rebirth in everyday affairs

10. An occurrence in Russia that lead to the increase of its stature in world power standings and revitalized the economy and industry

11. This was the man who first theorized that the celestial bodies all revolved around a fixed sun

12. The immediate cause was the American using margin buying to buy shares of stock that they could not pay back - and forced a mass selloff of shares - which collapsed the stock market and the economy. The efforts to deal was the New Deal in America - a

13. This was the new constitution that the National Assembly wrote that gave all citizens free expression of thoughts and opinions and guaranteed equality before the law

14. The Magyar pushed through bills that changed voting laws to help the elite and to force through the teaching of Hungarian in schools. They created the nationalism that would tear them apart

15. The area near Czechoslovakia that was mainly German ethnicity that Germany took.

16. This was the name given to the Spanish explorers who would conquer the land they discovered and utilize the resources they found there for Spain

17. One of the costliest battles in WWI - was mainly useless and just people died

18. This was the scientist who began to study anatomy in depth. He is referred as the father of anatomy

19. Zeppelins - airplanes - gas - machine guns - tanks - These things were new ideas that really did not work very well

20. This was the working class in that was constantly battling against the bourgeois factory owners

21. This German Romantic poet influence Walter Scott

22. An artistic movement that focused on expressing emotion and feelings through abstract images and colors - lines and shapes.

23. This was the revolution as a result of whether the sovereignty would remain with the king or with the Parliament. Eventually - the kingship was abolished

24. A plan in British parliament that increased spending on social services

25. These were the angry old cottage industry workers who lost their jobs and costumers to machines and as a result - they began to secretly destroy the machines

26. Replaces the Provisional Government with Lenin's forces

27. This was the work that suggested that socialists should combine with other progressive forces to win gradual evolutionary gains for workers through legislation - unions - and further economic development

28. This was the reaction to the despotism after the Second Revolution which led to the establishment of the five-man executive that supported the French military which was not popular with the French people

29. Russia's last tsar - he witnessed the fall of Russia from great power - to the entering into WWI and total collapse

30. These were Dutch settlers in south Africa

31. The French alliance between the smaller countries of Poland - Hungary - and Czechoslovakia.

32. This was the extremely lopsided victory by English army over the protestors as a result of the Corn Laws

33. A railroad that went across Siberia

34. This was the document that stated that if a ruler steps over its proper function to protect the natural rights of life - liberty - and property - than that ruler was a tyrant and must be overthrown

35. This was the man who supported and hid Luther after the Diet of Worms

36. This was one of the reforms in England in which the leaders wanted all Catholic elements in the Church of England eliminated

37. This was the French king who reached an agreement with Pope Leo X and allowed the French king to select French bishops and abbots

38. This event happened to set laws for colonization and claiming land in Africa

39. Pope who denounced unification and published the Syllabus of Errors

40. This was the meeting between the Quadruple Alliance in order to formulate a peace agreement and to balance the victories of the Napoleonic wars

41. This theory stated that animals could evolve from other animals in order to adapt to their environments. This theory was not widely accepted for it could possibly account for humans which would defeat the whole purpose of creationism

42. The ruler of Venice

43. This was the last of the wars that occurred over the religious differences in France - between the Catholics (Henry III of France and Henry of Guise) and Protestants (Henry IV)

44. This was the group of people called by Louis XVI that would keep the king in check like the English Parliament

45. The fiery mayor of Vienna who preached anti-Semitism and appealed to lower middle class

46. Dictator of Russia - named man of steel. Was of lowly backgrounds but rose to power. Only in it for himself. Created 5 year plans.

47. This was given to Austria form Germany that guaranteed full military backing in any war

48. This scientist formulated the experimental method and using this - came up with the law of inertia - among several discoveries related to the moon

49. Their demand was universal male suffrage

50. This thinker developed a philosophy of two different worlds a material world and a world of the mind. This was called Cartesian dualism. He combined his ideas with Bacon to form the scientific method