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Asp.net Programming

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1. Describes the structure that an XML document will take

2. A directory service where businesses can register and search for Web services.

3. A set of components which can be invoked - and whose interface descriptions can be published and discovered

4. Technique used to store copies of data in a location that is quicker to access than the original source; in order to improve performance

5. An approach for getting information content from a Web site by reading a designated Web page that contains an XML file that describes and includes the desired content

6. Control that helps create flicker-free pages by only updating content defined within its ContentTemplate element

7. Code in the ______ block is always fired - irrespective of whether an exception occurred or not

8. Stores a control's essential data that must be available on postback to enable the control to function even when view state has been disabled.

9. To link to other pages within your site use _______

10. Test that seeks to uncover new errors in existing functionality after changes have been made to a system - such as functional enhancements - patches - or configuration changes

11. The site map will match structure of a website if ______ structure mirrors the physical folder structure

12. SQL data type that corresponds the .NET double data type

13. responsible for ensuring that various component projects of a particular software release meet customer needs and are brought together and released on time with high quality

14. The property you set to true within CommandField to enable Selection

15. In a production environment - you should NOT leave debug=___

16. An automatic way to associate page events and methods - no explicit Handles clause or delegate is needed

17. The type of field allows you to set up delete control within the corresponding properties window

18. A static method that is defined in a web page and can be called from client script

19. An open-source application security project.

20. Data is added to the requested address for a page. That data can be retrieved using the QueryString property Should be used for retrieval only

21. Enables assemblies that are used in an application domain to be updated without unloading the application domain

22. ________ allows you to display multiple records - supports data grouping - but does not allow you to insert records in the underlying data directly nor does it natively support paging

23. The property you use to determine number of submenu items the menu control should display

24. A popular JavaScript framework that simplifies working with the DOM - visual effects - event handling - and AJAX

25. A panel that can be shown during the execution of an asynchronous Ajax operation

26. A language for describing web services and how to access them.

27. The D in CRUD stands for_______

28. A Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between a computer and the Internet

29. presents an HTML document as a tree structure and defines a standard way to manipulate HTML elements

30. when sub objects don't load unless they are explicitly told too

31. Enables nested components to add script and service references to pages when a ScriptManager control is already defined in a parent element.

32. To discard old trace records when the maximum number of trace requests are reached - use ______ attribute

33. integrated source control - issue tracking - and process management for development teams.

34. Contains simple fixes and self-help for less experienced users

35. When _________ is set to Off all visitors see the full error details

36. To remove all breakpoints in your website

37. In a sitemap file - the name of the attribute which you use to specify text that will be displayed when the user hovers over a particular Menu / Tree view element in the browser

38. Microsoft proprietary extension to SQL

39. This event fires right after you modify an existing record in the database (assume you are using GridView to modify the record)

40. Submits data to be processed. The data is included in the body of the request. This may result in the creation of a new resource or the updates of existing resources or both

41. Databound control that supports automatic paging - sorting - editing - deleting - and selecting

42. Takes care of managing client script files and server-side Ajax behavior

43. JavaScript syntax for storing and exchanging text information

44. Enables controls to write information to a central log location at runtime

45. Session["CustId"]=tbxCustomerName.Contents is a _____ error

46. Contains simple fixes and self-help for less experienced users

47. Controls that display and edit data in the user interface

48. A block of content that can be reused in pages (master pages - pages - and other user controls).

49. This control shows the user where they are on the site - i.e. - the path to the current location.

50. A set of components which can be invoked - and whose interface descriptions can be published and discovered