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Asp.net Programming

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1. This property determines whether the items in the TreeView can be collapsed or expanded

2. A panel that can be shown during the execution of an asynchronous Ajax operation

3. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML; a combination of technologies that enable Web applications to make quick - incremental updates to the user interface without reloading the entire browser page

4. Kind of database you are most likely to encounter when using ASP.NET

5. The type of field allows you to set up delete control within the corresponding properties window

6. integrated source control - issue tracking - and process management for development teams.

7. When an exception occurs - the remainder of the code in the ____ block is skipped

8. Controls used to retrieve data from a data source; that data is offered to data-bound controls

9. Set the _________ property to change the symbol/text between elements of the path in a SiteMapControl

10. XML-based protocol for accessing a Web Service

11. A static method that is defined in a web page and can be called from client script

12. An approach for getting information content from a Web site by reading a designated Web page that contains an XML file that describes and includes the desired content

13. In a production environment - you should NOT leave debug=___

14. ________ allows you to display multiple records - supports paging natively - but does not allow you to insert records in the underlying data directly

15. An object whose state cannot be modified after it is created

16. If you want to sort the output based on price (with most expensive item first) - what clause should you use?

17. A popular JavaScript framework that simplifies working with the DOM - visual effects - event handling - and AJAX

18. A set of components which can be invoked - and whose interface descriptions can be published and discovered

19. Of the controls that you can use to display and edit data on your web pages - _____ is designed to show a single record at a time

20. A data structure that uses a hash function to map keys - to their associated values in an associative array.

21. ________ allows you to display multiple records - supports data grouping - but does not allow you to insert records in the underlying data directly nor does it natively support paging

22. This control shows the user where they are on the site - i.e. - the path to the current location.

23. Databound control that supports automatic paging - sorting - editing - deleting - and selecting

24. The control can I use to find out the user's name

25. A debugging window where you can test expressions while the page is running

26. Data is added to the requested address for a page. That data can be retrieved using the QueryString property Should be used for retrieval only

27. The D in CRUD stands for_______

28. Methods that can be called over the Internet by other applications

29. When _________ is set to Off all visitors see the full error details

30. The persistence of property values across postbacks

31. This security concept allows a website to confirm you are who you say you are

32. Submits data to be processed. The data is included in the body of the request. This may result in the creation of a new resource or the updates of existing resources or both

33. A join that returns records from related tables only if their related fields match is called

34. A subroutine that is stored in the database and executed by calling it directly from the client

35. responsible for ensuring that various component projects of a particular software release meet customer needs and are brought together and released on time with high quality

36. This type of column / field within GridView in the default field for most data base types

37. A panel that can be shown during the execution of an asynchronous Ajax operation

38. When attached to a public method it indicates that you want the method exposed as part of the XML Web service.

39. To discard old trace records when the maximum number of trace requests are reached - use ______ attribute

40. JavaScript syntax for storing and exchanging text information

41. Describes the structure that an XML document will take

42. when sub objects don't load unless they are explicitly told too

43. An API used to send HTTP requests directly to a web server and load the server response data directly back into the script.

44. SQL data type that corresponds the .NET double data type

45. Control that helps create flicker-free pages by only updating content defined within its ContentTemplate element

46. Enables controls to write information to a central log location at runtime

47. To remove all breakpoints in your website

48. Technique used to store copies of data in a location that is quicker to access than the original source; in order to improve performance

49. An open-source application security project.

50. An HTTP POST to the same page that the form is on.