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Bio Mechanical Engineering

Subject : engineering
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1. Far away

2. An elbow is an example of this

3. Applied force

4. Replacement for a missing body part

5. Qualities of artistry - qualities that are pleasing or beautiful

6. Two levers attached at the same fulcrum

7. Tissue that connects muscle to bone

8. Flexible - white tissue - that covers the ends of bones and reduces friction

9. A wheelbarrow is an example of this

10. Weight or resistance

11. To activate - to make something move - or to put into action

12. Tissue that connects bone to bone

13. Features of a design that have to be met for successful completion

14. Pivot point

15. Limitations (for example: limited time - limited materials)

16. A seesaw is an example of this

17. A span of movement (angular or linear) from a starting point to an ending point

18. Tissue that contracts and pulls on tendons