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BPI Building Analyst

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1. Seasonal Efficiency

2. Draft heating should always be checked for spillage at the...

3. Combustion

4. NC

5. What is the order of testing when a chimney is shared by mutiple appliances?

6. Distribution Type

7. Category I includes...

8. Length of time that a combustion appliance should run to achieve'Steady State Efficiency'

9. Category IV vents - under normal conditions - will have...

10. CFM50

11. CO >35 ppm

12. 3 Forms of Heat Transfer

13. Continuous Spillage

14. Category I vents - under normal conditions - will have...

15. How many BTUS in 1 Therm of Gas

16. Combustion by-products

17. 'Draft Measurement' is ______ in both Category I and IV heating systems.

18. Volume BAS

19. Methods to differentiate Heating Systems

20. How Many BTUs in 1 kWh?

21. Heat Loss

22. Heat Load

23. Calculating BAS (Building Airflow Standard)

24. Category IV includes...

25. 3 Elements required for combustion

26. CAZ

27. One inch of Water Column

28. Furnace

29. Carbon Monoxide

30. AFUE

31. Occupancy BAS

32. AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

33. Amount of permissible time after ignition that spillage is allowable from the flue.

34. Draft

35. Boiler