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BPI Building Analyst

Subject : certifications
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1. CAZ

2. NC

3. Category I includes...

4. 'Draft Measurement' is ______ in both Category I and IV heating systems.

5. Furnace

6. Heat Loss

7. Category IV includes...

8. AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

9. Category IV vents - under normal conditions - will have...

10. Combustion

11. How Many BTUs in 1 kWh?

12. Heat Load

13. 3 Forms of Heat Transfer

14. What is the order of testing when a chimney is shared by mutiple appliances?

15. One inch of Water Column

16. AFUE

17. How many BTUS in 1 Therm of Gas

18. Volume BAS

19. Amount of permissible time after ignition that spillage is allowable from the flue.

20. Continuous Spillage

21. Category I vents - under normal conditions - will have...

22. Calculating BAS (Building Airflow Standard)

23. Draft

24. Distribution Type

25. Seasonal Efficiency

26. Occupancy BAS

27. Combustion by-products

28. Boiler

29. 3 Elements required for combustion

30. Carbon Monoxide

31. Length of time that a combustion appliance should run to achieve'Steady State Efficiency'

32. CFM50

33. Methods to differentiate Heating Systems

34. CO >35 ppm

35. Draft heating should always be checked for spillage at the...