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CLEP West Civilization II - Conservation Liberalism And Revolution

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1. Italy defeated Austro-Hungarian.

2. Had influence on Ralph Waldo Emerson.

3. Bismark wanted to show if Holstein of Schleswig was more powerful. He defeated Austria.

4. Ignored the constitution of Spain and ruined the parliament. 1820 Naples had revolution.

5. Ideas of Enlightenment and French Revolution became more acceptable to the bourgeoisie.

6. The prince put on the throne in Mexico after the French took over

7. 'people interested in returning France to the days of the ancien regime.' rea p. 62. Charles X and Louis XVlII supported them.

8. Revolution during the Hapsburg dynasty.

9. Congress allowed France to join their alliance. The leader was Klemens von Metternich.

10. Austria - Russia - and Prussia. Protocol of Troppau said they could interfere with countries that could not keep conservatism by themselves.

11. Wanted to build a stronger military. liberals opposed this.

12. Russia - Prussia - Austria - and Britain. they all worked together to take over Napoleon. He was defeated at Leipzig and was exiled on Elba - an island.

13. Made prime minister of Prussia by Wilhelm. warred against denmark.

14. The belief that all people are servants of the state.

15. Radical. spent much life in exile. wanted Rome to be the capital when Italy was united.

16. 'father of modern conservatism' wrote: Reflections on the Revolution in France. 'People will not look forward to posterity who never look back to their ancestors'

17. Discussion in Vienna about how the continent was to be reorganized now that Napoleon no longer ruled. The point of it was to keep all countries equal and not have one dominating the other.

18. The unstable rule of the Mediterranean by the Ottomans.

19. Greeks wanted freedom from the Ottoman Empire.

20. New beliefs crash with old ones - from this new beliefs are made. thesis (belief) antithesis + (opposite of the belief) = synthesis.

21. Defeated Austria and Russia. Called King of Italy.

22. 'politics based on what was possible not on appealing theories' rea p. 66

23. Forbid anyone in the countries he ruled from trading with Britain. By Napoleon.

24. France invaded Spain and Austria did the same in Naples.

25. The battle where Napoleon was defeated after he escaped Elba. He was then sent to St. Helena - another island - where he died 6 yrs. after.

26. Britain - France and Ottoman against Russia. Russians thought they should have control of the Christian shrines. Russia lost and France and England were able to trade in the Black Sea.

27. Ruled Piedmont-Sardinia. warred with Austria and defeated Italy.

28. Bismarck made a telegram seem like the kaiser has insulted France. Germany joined North German Confederation.

29. 6 months long. Napoleon III was taken captive and some of his army was also capture at Sedan.

30. One of the leaders of the provisional government. Started government stores to provide work for people and gave the vote to men.

31. 1852. wanted to make France more powerful and more influential.

32. Shops were closed - there were riots - but the government stopped them - and radicals were killed. Stopped when Napoleon's nephew was president.

33. 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

34. Language - history and customs of different countries.

35. Made Count Camillo Benso di Cavour his 'minister of agriculture and trade' rea p 65

36. 'red shirts' started conquesting Italy. Gave what he conquered to the king.

37. Said good sounding ideas can be very wrong and traditoin helps decided. thought traditional communities were important.

38. Did not like the radical ideas. His National Guard fired on the people of Paris and killed some.

39. Started a monarchy in Greece and made them independent.

40. 'legistlative body' rea. p 62 that controlled the newspapers. Charles X stopped it. and Louis Philippe I was put in control of France by the liberals.

41. Alsace and Lorraine were lost by the French and they were never again the main power in Europe.

42. By John Stuart Mill. ideas: if people are not being annoying they should be left alone. open mind about beliefs. religious freedom and women rights.

43. Free trade in Germany.

44. The people in Russia tried to establish and monarchy with a constitution. Happened on the first day that Tsar Nicholar I ruled.

45. Volksgeist. 'people's spirit'