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CLEP Western Civilization I

Subjects : clep, history
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1. Outside trade

2. The Nile

3. Garment production

4. David

5. Archbishop of Canterbury - later became a saint

6. Last great Pharaoh of Egypt

7. Epic poem

8. Vineyards and Olive Yards

9. Based on Aristotle and Napoleon

10. Utopia

11. Founder of Islam

12. University and education

13. A 'true' renaissance man

14. No

15. First Renaissance scholar in Italy

16. An economic system where good and services are echanges

17. Gave law to mankind

18. Philosophers

19. Sistine ceiling

20. Denied existence of spiritual world

21. Byzantine piece of architecture

22. A cultural and legal revival led by Charlemagne

23. Small businessmen - farmers

24. Upper class landlords - aristocrats - etc.

25. Eye for an Eye - etc.

26. A picture made up from small pieces of glass or stone

27. A group that opposed slavery and racial discrimination

28. Emperor of the Roman - King of the Franks

29. French architect

30. Heavy plow - horse shoes - horse collars

31. Ivory paintings - jewelry making and mosaics

32. The archaic or early dynastic period - the Old Kingdom - the 1st Intermediate peroid - Middle Kingdom - 2nd Intermediate period - the New Kingdom

33. Linear Perspective - human anatomy and oil painting

34. A series of promises made by King John regarding how to treat his subjects

35. Ruled Rome - was assassinated by peers in 44 BC

36. Byzantine - Islam - Western Christian

37. Marcus Aurelius

38. Simple life and meditation

39. Irish book of art/calligraphy

40. Founder of the old kingdom

41. A piece of art with Christ upon his mother's lap

42. Rome vs. Cathage

43. Council of Nobles

44. Paper making - distillation of alcohol

45. Agriculture

46. Between two rivers

47. Islamic Philosophers

48. Formed the first true democracy in Athens