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CLEP Western Civilization II: 1945 Present

Subjects : clep, history
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1. The Serbs killed thousands of people and forced the Muslims out. Slobodan Milosevic was the Serbs leader.

2. Got freedom from France in 1962

3. 2004 U.S. and France went there to help get order.

4. Leader of Iraq. The U.S. thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They were wrong.

5. Gamal Abdal Nasser said that Egypt owned it in 1956. This could harm America and France's oil supply.

6. Wrote: The Second Sex. Was a feminist.

7. A civil war started there when the anti-Nazi Marshal Tito died and in 1990 when Slovenia and Croatia said they were no free from Yugoslavia.

8. Spuspicion of truth.

9. Started the enviromental movement with her book Silent Spring.

10. 1991. said there should be a common money in Europe. in 2001 a lot of western Europe had done this. It was called the euro.

11. Leader of Russia from 1991-2000

12. Change some beliefs of the Catholic Church. Such as reasons for having children.

13. 1995. Bosia got independence.

14. The person makes life meaningful in their own way even though life is strange. Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre

15. The terrorists who attack the U.S. on September 11 - 2001.

16. U.S. invaded Iraq

17. 1957. nations in Europe did not tax eachother on goods from their states in the treaty.

18. A rich radical who helped fund the Taliban. Muslims from around the world who gave Vladimir Putin a hard time during his presidency. They fought a war with Russia in Chechnya.

19. 18 year old were given the right to vote.

20. Wanted socialism to come into the democracy.

21. Nuclear accident and worried people about global warming.