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CLEP Western Civilization II: Empires And War

Subjects : clep, history
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1. Ended War of Austian Succession.

2. The secretary of state in Britain. Wanted to get America east of the Mississippi.

3. Bascially the belief that the amount of wealth in the world is limited.

4. Assisted American in the their revolution - mainly to see Britain beat.

5. Lands where France and Britain fought for power and money.

6. British East India Company had financial problems so they raised the price of tea. Thus - colonists in America showed their dissagreement in 1773. Even though Britain lost the American Revolution they were still the most powerful nation.

7. Americans were forbidden to move west of the Appalachians by Britain.

8. Nations should use their money - time - etc. on what they can do well - and let the other nations do what they cannot do as well.

9. The chief minister of Louis XIV. Explored mercantilism.

10. The King the the colonists revolted against.

11. France supported the aggresion of Prussia towards Austria. Austria was weakened and France was happy. Meanwhile - Britain was worried about France taking the Netherlands away from Austria - so France and Britain went to war. In 1744 France helped Spa

12. Coincided with the Seven Years' War. Started when George Washington attacked the French in Ohio. French defeat happened on the Plains of Abraham

13. The british and French attempts at making India a colony.

14. Pirates made legal by the government

15. In 1739 British Parliment pressured Prime Minister Walpole to attack Spain.

16. Plundered Spain's ships. found approval with the English government.

17. 1763. Ended the French and Indian War. Britain got the land east of the Mississippi. Canada got the Ohioi River Valley.

18. (1756-1763) Prussia and Britain were allies after the Convention of Westminster. Of course it was Britain and France fighting again.