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Consomme Terms

Subject : cooking
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1. Any stock

2. Good quality flavorful stock - either white - brown - or combination of both. Flavor of stock will determine the type of consomme being made: beef - chicken - game - fish and shellfish

3. Raw concoction

4. For flavor - cut small due to short cooking time (julienne - brunoise - ground)

5. Coagulated clearmeat which floats on top of a consomme as it simmers

6. A strongly flavored consomme achieved by using double the amount of clear meat for a given amount of clear meat for a given amount of stock

7. Should not cloud the broth or greasy. Should be cut small enough to fit on the spoon. Brunoise - Julienne - Celestine (Julienne of crepes) - Royale (cubes of cooked custard)

8. Contain albumen Which is the principle ingredient in the actual clarification

9. The principle protein found in egg whites -

10. Hinders protein coagulation

11. A rich stock or broth that has been clarified with a clearmeat to remove impurities

12. Thyme - bay leaf - parsley - peppercorn - no cheese cloth needed

13. Be gently ladled onto the cheesecloth to avoid forcing particles through the cheese cloth.

14. (clarification) mixture of ground meat - egg whites - aromats and acid used to clarify a stock or broth by trapping impurities as it coagulates (sponge)

15. Should be lean and flavorful. Ground meat adds flavor and also contains some albumen which aids in clarification and coagulation. Beef - chicken - game or fish can be used with their corresponding stocks. Beef is sometimes used to clarify poultry sto

16. Aids in coagulation (breaks down the connective tissue) - tomatoes (amber consomme) - vinegar (light consomme)

17. Kosher salt because has no anti-caking ingredients which might cloud consomme'. It should be added at the end of the cooking process

18. Should be passed through a dampened double thickness of cheesecloth to remove particles

19. Will become clear shortly after the raft coagulates and should continue to simmer gently for 1-1 1/2 hours to extract flavor from the raft ingredients or taste

20. Cooked concoction

21. Stock - egg whites - ground lean meat - mirepoix - sachet d' spice - acid - and salt