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Criminal Law

Subject : law
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1. violations of knock and announce

2. what must judge establish during plea

3. double jeapordy attaches when

4. specific intent crimes

5. when are you seized

6. what are co conspirators liable for

7. if all co conspirators are acquitted vefore you then

8. what if it is erroneously included anyway

9. ineffective assistance of counsel

10. search incident to arrest

11. exigent circumstances

12. 5th amendment right to counsel

13. miranda waiver

14. reasonable mistake of fact

15. When failure to act will result in a crime

16. attempt

17. what if search was not valid

18. unreasonable mistake of fact

19. exceptions to fruit of poisonous tree

20. challenges to ID procedures

21. exception to lesser included offense double jeapordy

22. consent exception

23. people who MAY have a reasonable expectation of privacy

24. voluntary intoxication

25. miranda warning

26. durress

27. involuntary intoxication

28. limitations on felony murder

29. assault

30. merger

31. when is it not larceny?

32. may illegally seized evidence be used

33. inventory exception

34. what has no reasonable expectation of privacy

35. common law murder

36. general intent

37. larceny

38. valid warrant

39. death penalty

40. non deadly force

41. accomplice liability

42. plain view exception

43. receit of stolen property

44. involuntary manslaughter

45. MPC test

46. infancy

47. who has reasonable expectation of privacy?

48. when is it gov't conduct to fall in the 4th/

49. voluntary manslaighter

50. terry stop