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GRE High Frequency Words Vocab

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1. The act of reestablishing harmony or friendly interactions

2. Insincere; lacking in honesty

3. Intended for or understood by a small - specific group

4. To give notice to; to inform

5. Serving or intended to compel by force or authority

6. Implied but no directly stated; tacit

7. yielding or submissive; amenable

8. One that precedes and indicates or announces another

9. To deliver a pompous speech or tirade

10. Reserved - shy - or unassuming; lacking in self-confidence

11. To state as a fact; to confirm or support

12. Genuine; not false or hypocritical

13. Culled from many sources

14. Marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial

15. A collection of lierary works by various authors

16. Seeming true - but actually being fallacious; misleadingly attractive

17. Docile; obedience; easily led

18. To provide support or reinforcement

19. To fill until there is no further capacity for absorbance; to soak

20. Subject to chance or individual whim; without definite reason

21. To guarantee or make certain

22. Charitable and kind in action

23. To champion or support; to argue in favor of

24. To appease; to conciliate

25. Embodiment; quintessence

26. Very learned; scholarly

27. To tend toward the same spot or outcome; inclining to join at an intersecting point

28. The quality of being generously noble in the mind and heart - esp in forgiving

29. yield; submit; bow

30. The act or process of transforming to another form - state or product

31. Not talkative; reserved

32. Restricted or peculiar to a particular region; indigenous

33. To reprove; to express warning or disapproval

34. The act of preparing or working land in order to grow crops

35. Trickery or subterfuge

36. A machine that spins very swiftly about a central axis - and - using centrifugal force - separates disparate substances

37. To list or count off individually

38. To plunge or drop straight down

39. Without taste or flavor; lacking in spirits; bland

40. Possessing education - refinement and taste; polished

41. In an initial stage; not fully formed

42. Characterized by a preference for complete obedience to authority; domineering

43. Well-spoken; expressive; articulate

44. To combine several elements into a whole

45. To waste by spending or using irresponsibly

46. Complex or complicated

47. Soundness or truthfulness

48. Flowery; ruddy; ornate

49. Lavishness; an unnecessary or unrestrained spend esp. of funds

50. Moderate; marked by restraint and lack of extremes