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GRE High Frequency Words Vocab

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. To cause to spread - multiply or reproduce

2. A substance that causes insensibility and removes pain

3. Stillness; motionless; quality of being at rest

4. State or quality of differing from the accepted norm; abnormality

5. A generally agreed-upon practice or attitude

6. Man-made; artificial; relating to or involving the combination of parts to make a whole

7. Adherence to the highest principles; uprightness

8. To grow or increase swiftly and abundantly

9. Disgrace; contempt; scorn

10. Restricted or peculiar to a particular region; indigenous

11. Stubbornly opinionated

12. Departure or wandering away from the accepted standard

13. Intended for or understood by a small - specific group

14. Saucy; impertinent

15. To trudge; to move slowly and heavily

16. The parading of learning; excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules

17. Not objective; based upon internal perceptions rather than upon unprejudiced fact

18. To make or become less severe or intense; to moderate

19. Unclear; open to more than one potential meaning

20. To undeceive to set right

21. A means of disguising people or things to make them blend in with their surroundings

22. An inclination or tendency

23. A thin - flexible film of tissue that covers or lines an organ

24. Pliability; malleability; flexibility

25. To secretly work together with the intent to commit a wrong or illegal act

26. Tranquility; peacefulness

27. Called for; authorized; justified

28. An individual who lives poorly in order to hoard money; a person who is stingy

29. Recurrent through the year or many years; happening repeatedly

30. Lecture or discussion; conversation

31. Ostentatious or showy; flashy

32. Deviating from the norm

33. The act of casting out or excluding an individual from a society or group; banishment

34. Baffled; in a quandry; at a loss for what to say or do

35. A support or prop - often an external prop used to bolster a wall

36. The purposeful giving of false or misleading testimony while under oath

37. To imbue; to pour in; to introduce; to instill

38. Unorthodox; iconoclastic; dissenting from established dogma

39. Dismay; startling - distressing fear or shock that results in complete confusion

40. Distinct; individual

41. Lacking originality; commonplace

42. To move to and fro; to sway; to be unsettled in decision

43. To ensconce - conceal - or stow

44. To invalidate; to repeal to retract

45. To weaken; to reduce in vitality

46. Depart secretly and hide

47. The quality of being evenly balanced

48. Excessive indulgence of appetite or passion - esp. in regard to alcohol; lack of constraint

49. Not capable of being appeased or significantly changed

50. One who avoids social contact and lives in seclusion