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GRE High Frequency Words Vocab

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1. To remove completely; to annihilate; to pull out by the roots

2. Self-important or pompous writing or speech

3. The quality of being energized or filled with liveliness

4. Matching; corresponding or proportionate in degree - size - or amount

5. A long and extremely critical speech; a harsh denunciation

6. Scorn; ridicule; contemptuous treatment

7. A substance that causes insensibility and removes pain

8. A generally agreed-upon practice or attitude

9. Easily visible; obvious

10. To purify or concentrate through a process of vaporization

11. An expression of approval or praise

12. To slow delay or hamper

13. Not talkative; reserved

14. To disguise or conceal

15. Discerning and sensitive use of speech; diplomacy

16. Accustomed to accepting something undesirable

17. Only touching briefly upon the topic at hand; irrelevant

18. Honesty; frankness; sincerity

19. To flatter or praise excessively

20. To confirm; to provide additional support; verify

21. Tranquility; peacefulness

22. A superficial remark - esp. one offered as meaningful

23. Docile; obedience; easily led

24. Authoritative permission or approval; a penalty intended to enforce compliance

25. Inclined to change one'S mind impulsively; erratic; unpredictable

26. Clear; easily understood

27. A humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect - esp. in literature and art

28. Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary

29. Unoriginal; obtained from another source

30. Improvised; done without preparation

31. Dismay; startling - distressing fear or shock that results in complete confusion

32. Ill-timed; unsuitable; inappropriate

33. Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary

34. Made up of elements that are similar in nature or kind; uniform

35. To publicly praise or promote

36. To cut back or clip branches or other parts of a plant - esp parts that are dead

37. Deceptive; based upon a false belief or impression

38. To state as a fact; to confirm or support

39. Cursory; done without care or interest

40. An inclination or tendency

41. yield; submit; bow

42. Stubborn; hardheaded

43. Lavishness; an unnecessary or unrestrained spend esp. of funds

44. Attacking cherished beliefs; heretical; heterodox

45. To praise highly

46. Severe criticism or punishment

47. To incite anger - resentment or exasperation

48. To trudge; to move slowly and heavily

49. To tend toward the same spot or outcome; inclining to join at an intersecting point

50. To secretly work together with the intent to commit a wrong or illegal act