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GRE Math: All In One

Subjects : gre, math
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Any Horizontal line slope

2. Is neither

3. Can you subtract 3sqrt4 from sqrt4?

4. formula for the volume of a cube

5. What is it called when a point is reflected to the quadrant opposite it (i.e. I to III or II to IV)?

6. What is the 'Range' of a series of numbers?

7. Can you simplify sqrt72?

8. Formula to calculate arc length?

9. The perimeter of a square is 48 inches. The length of its diagonal is:

10. What transformation occurs if point C is reflected over the x-axis and then the y-axis?

11. The product of odd number of negative numbers

12. Volume of a cube

13. How to recognize if a # is a multiple of 12

14. A number is divisible by 6 if...

15. What is an arc of a circle?

16. What is the 'Solution' for a set of inequalities.

17. 5 bakeries sell an average of 300 muffins per bakery per day. If 2 stop making muffins but the total muffins sold stays the same - what is the average of muffins per bakery sold among the remaining?

18. The important properties of a 45-45-90 triangle?

19. (x+y)

20. ز

21. Define a 'monomial'

22. The Perimeter of a rectangle

23. Can you add sqrt 3 and sqrt 5?

24. What is the name of set with a number of elements which cannot be counted?

25. Is 0 even or odd?

26. The sum of all angles around a point

27. (12sqrt15) / (2sqrt5) =

28. Area of a circle

29. a(b-c)

30. 5/8 in percent?

31. Perimeter of a rectangle

32. 25+2

33. What is an exterior angle?

34. What is the 'union' of A and B?

35. For similar triangles - the ratio of their corresponding sides is 2:3. What is the ratio of their areas?

36. Perfect Squares 1-15

37. Define a 'Term' -

38. The consecutive angles in a parallelogram equal

39. What is the common monomial factor in the expression 4(c^3)d - (c^2)(d^2) + 2cd?

40. First 10 prime #s

41. What are the rational numbers?

42. A number is divisible by 4 is...

43. 1:1:sqrt2 is the ratio of the sides of what kind of triangle?

44. For any number x

45. (x-y)

46. What is a chord of a circle?

47. If Madagascar'S exports totaled 1.3 billion in 2009 - and 4% came from China - what was the value in millions of the country'S exports to China?

48. What are congruent triangles?

49. To multiply a number by 10^x

50. 25^(1/2) or sqrt. 25 =