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GRE Sentences

Subjects : gre, english
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. The coach went on a ______ against the listless player who has exacerbated the quality of practice due to his tawdry behavior.

2. The position of defensive back has such detailed footwork and coverage details - it is ______ in the world of athletics.

3. He knows not exactly what to major or set his career path on - but he is _____ in respects to his studies.

4. The tawdry athlete dropped the ego - this became _____ when he hadn'T been in the headlines with any notable erratic behavior for many years.

5. At the homeless shelter - some are their because they are simply _____ - others mentally ill - others going for free food because of being poor with large families.

6. The thoroughly maintained pond is ______: visitors can see to the bottom.

7. Often times as a decision maker it is important to not be ______ - even if a deadlines is soon approaching - some thought is necessary.

8. The archaic fashion of bell bottoms is also an _______ to be worn in the 21st Century.

9. After garnering fire wood - the enthusiastic son _____ the excess bark for later use in making a wood cabin.

10. The coach ______ the use of steroids and would be disappointed to learn of any players using steroids.

11. It became ______ that his reason for playing basketball was to become in better shape in order to touch the rim: others noticed his attempts to jump high during warm-ups.

12. In hiking - the young group of friends like to take an _____ route versus the crowded simple paths.

13. Kids often speak with ________. "I wanna do dat".

14. She began to feel like her wisdom was becoming an archaic - until others called her the _______ oracle.

15. After ameliorating his moms pain in her shoulder - the medical student _______ himself for not being their to treat it right away.

16. The coterie is an intimate _____ of people with a common goal.

17. The young adult has a passion for _____ as he has collected over one thousand variegated coins.

18. The erratic lady is also an _______ to the quite study bevy next to her.

19. Snakes _____ their skin - leaving it behind on the hot concrete.

20. The erratic lady at the library stepped up her game by - still albeit ______ - adding humor into her routine of voluble speech.

21. Coaches are ______ to the cause of forming a respectable and passion driven team.

22. The salubrious mother is ______ - as younger generations of soon-to-be parents respect her devotion to her family and health.

23. The mother ______ between choosing a restaurant her significant other wanted to eat and a restaurant her son wanted to eat.

24. The ball hitting her bruise resulted in an ______ in the size of the bruise.

25. Often times business people may use verbose sales pitches to confuse ______ customers.

26. The clever girl is _______ - this makes it difficult to see her in a compassionate light.

27. The _____ team is an enigma to the fast junk foods marketing push towards young people.

28. After a successful season - and often time after one successful game - a player may be ______ by parents - teammates - and fans.

29. The number of team began to ______ each season - going from 80 players to now over 130.

30. Instead of ameliorating the pain - the untrained medical student ______ the injury.

31. She was _____ when she secretly peered out of the corner of her eye to view the romantic couple.

32. The paper became too _____ for the listless reader to finish reading the twenty page essay.

33. The homeless lady at the school is considered to be mentally ______ as she wanders and is unpredictable in the library.

34. The thief is considered to be _______. It will take time for him to repent and grow values which take others into consideration.

35. The stone masons are considered to be a ______: they are an intimate group with a similar purpose.

36. The strongly religious couple joined the Church of Scientology and cut themselves off from the ______ family members: this pissed of many.

37. After running for 5 hours - against human physics - they were not _____ - however energetic and enthusiastic for their accomplishment.

38. The students complained about the difficulty of following the professors ______ ideas and theories.

39. Fernandino has such _____ in his flamboyant style of soccer play.

40. The _____ between the ignoble leader and the lionized leader drew strong press coverage.

41. The enthusiastic son ran to _____ wood for his families camp fire.

42. The ______ t-shirt of the Hawaiian style has not become an anachronism - even in the midst of being used catholicly for themed parties year after year.

43. The old timer is called ______ by his teenage son for using a computer from 1999.

44. It is the college _____ that a student should take general education classes.

45. Central Park was bathed in ______ sunshine during the day and festivities.

46. Her idiosyncratic behavior is an _______ to hundreds of curious undergraduates.

47. Noel was able to ______ mom'S shoulder pain using massage techniques learnt in medical school. This improved her arm strength.

48. The wannabe cute girls use their _______ charm to meet celebrities.

49. The ghetto teen wore ______ jewelry. This was seen as gaudy - cheap and showy.

50. Hot tea with honey is a ________ remedy for a sore throat as it is used throughout the continents.