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Justice And Society

Subject : law
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1. Power to the rich

2. A state of social disorder or confusion

3. Power depends on merit and ability

4. People will do what they need and will do good without enforcement by law/government

5. We are obliged to obey the rules of justice (that the government enforces) because we 'agreed to do so'

6. Rule is shared by a few people

7. The perfect place or nowhere

8. We are defined by our natural rights but they are directed towards the benefit of society

9. People are defined as selves by a strong set of natural rights as individuals and have the right to not be interfered with (less government)

10. Power to the religious

11. What defines one's rights are are 'duties' (EX: What can you do for your country?'

12. Ensuring that the criminals get their fair punishment/justice

13. The fair arrangement of goods

14. Leadership is not just a matter of strength/intelligence but justified power or authority

15. One leader

16. Rule (in theory) is shared by all

17. Abuse of power