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NCLEX Miscellaneous

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Monitors effectiveness of anticoagulation therapy

2. Tuning fork held against mastoid bone

3. BUN lab values; evaluates renal function

4. Seconds/PTT; lower limit of normal -

5. Very long acting insulin; cannot be mixed with other insulins.

6. Measures cognitive function

7. Creatinine (CR) women

8. Hypothyroidism - slows all body functions.

9. Respiratory alkalosis

10. Digital sensitivity to cold caused by vasculitis of blood vessels in upper & lower extremities.

11. Optimal LDL levels

12. HCO3 - Bicarbonate

13. Can cause fetal hemorrhage - do not use during pregnancy.

14. HDL - men (good cholesterol)

15. Missed periods or spotting w/abdominal pain.

16. Associated w/stress - experiences pain after meals - give antacids.

17. Treats tetany from damage to parathyroid gland

18. Monitors effectiveness of heparin therapy

19. Episodes of intense facial pain.

20. High calories - high protein - low fat diet

21. Taken w/meals and before bedtime; acne like rash.

22. RhoGAM is given to mothers who are ___ ____ - who have Rh - positive babies when baby has a negative coombs test.

23. Awakens at night w/heartburn.

24. Disappears 3-4 months

25. Support group for parents who've lost a newborn or had a miscarriage.

26. Cranial nerve ___ is the facial nerve that when damaged causes facial paralysis.

27. WBC values - adults.

28. Disappears 3-4 months.

29. Orogastric tube designed for rapid lavage; suction equipment needed to reduce risk of aspiration.

30. Tuning fork held in middle of forehead.

31. Paresthesias (burning - tingling) - muscle weakness - inc sensitivity to digitalis.

32. RBC values children; million/mm3

33. Creatine kinase (CK); child; used to detect acute mi

34. Low calcium; need high calcium & low phosphorus diet.

35. HDL - women (good cholesterol)

36. Hemoglobin values - children; g/DL

37. Delusions of persecution

38. SaO2 levels

39. Can indicate peritonitis

40. ___ insulin peaks in 2-4 hours.

41. Creatine kinase (CK); women; used to detect acute mi

42. Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP); evaluates liver and bone function.

43. Pain at umbilicus radiating down to groin; bulge in r/lower quad.

44. INR; A- fib - DVT - Pulmonary embolism

45. Most common complications is dysrhythmia - seeing drop in BP

46. RBC values women; million/mm3

47. Contact precautions required.

48. ESR women under 50

49. Hemoglobin values - men; g/DL

50. Fatigue - pallor - exertional dyspnea.