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SAT Reasoning Vocab

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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Creating conflict

2. Quick - shrewd - and unpredictable

3. Slow - sluggish - listless - weak

4. Not to be satisfied or pacified; unyielding

5. Erroneous - unintelligent - wrong

6. Not clearly understood or expressed

7. Showing excessive emotion; overflowing

8. Clothing - garments

9. Lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work with or deal with; rude

10. your usual mood

11. yearning; sadly longing

12. Refusal of any compromise; stubbornness

13. Secret - concealed; underhanded

14. Challenged; called into question

15. Characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct

16. Literal interpretation and strict adherence to basic principles of a religion (or a religious branch - denomination - or sect).

17. Made up of a variety of sources or styles

18. Undamaged; uninjured

19. Pertaining to the countryside; rural; rustic

20. Calm; sluggish; unemotional

21. Ordinary - common

22. Intended to deceive

23. Something that provides nourishment; food needed to live

24. Open to more than one interpretation

25. Instructing and improving spiritually or morally

26. Not supported or proven by evidence

27. Incapable of being expressed

28. Intended to teach or instruct

29. Causing disturbance or excitement

30. Having a secret or hidden meaning

31. Impartial; calm - free from emotion

32. Showy; pompous; claiming unjustified distinction

33. Fresh and clean; uncorrupted

34. Set in a rigidly conventional pattern of behavior - habits - or beliefs

35. Intended to attract notice and impress others

36. Sorry; showing regret

37. (n.) a survey made for military purposes; any kind of preliminary inspection or examination

38. Encouraged

39. Obsolete - out of fashion - no longer usable

40. Insincere

41. Intended for or understood by only a small group

42. Prevent progress

43. Troubled; distressed

44. The trait of being generous in behavior and temperament

45. Floating debris (from a ship)

46. Extensive destruction

47. Reluctant to draw attention to yourself

48. (adj.) subject to odd ideas - notions - or fancies; playful; unpredictable

49. Conflict within a group

50. An unsuitable or misleading name