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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Anti-reflux

2. Ultrasound

3. As needed ('pro re nata')

4. Liver function tests; includes AST - ALT - total protein - total bilirubin - direct bilirubin - alkaline phosphatase - and calcium (basically - everything in the CMP that's not the BMP tests); used to diagnose liver disease or damage or pancreatitis


6. NSAID/muscle relaxant

7. Part of the EKG reading; may be asked to record 'normal axis' or an abnormality like LAD (left axis deviation)

8. Insertion of a needle into the femoral artery to collect blood for an ABG test

9. Temporary detaining order

10. Sinus rhythm

11. Soft - non-tender to palpitation

12. Relating to the kidney

13. Tensing of the abdominal wall muscles to protect inflamed organs from pressure

14. Blood thinner

15. Extremity sonogram

16. Pulmonary embolism

17. Low arterial blood pressure

18. Creatine phosphokinase; an enzyme found primarily in the brain - skeletal muscle - and cardiac tissue; elevated CPK levels are often markers of stress or injury to the brain - muscles - or especially heart

19. Abnormal

20. Urinary tract infection

21. Nausea - vomiting - diarrhea

22. Cerebrospinal fluid

23. A urine test for the HCG pregnancy hormone

24. Let it be labeled - or let it be signed ('signature'); the doctor's indication that he wants the pharmacist to write certain instructions on the Rx bottle

25. A neurological test for cerebellar function (e.g. balance - coordination) in which the patient walks heel to toe

26. Post; after

27. 'normal head'; undamaged head

28. Acute myocardial infarction

29. Relating to the ear or hearing

30. Pharynx inflammation with throat pain

31. Gout medication

32. Clear to auscultation or CT angiogram

33. Turned outward

34. Removal of the kidney

35. Feverish

36. Therapeutic abortion (D&C)

37. Headache; can be frontal - temporal - parietal - occipital

38. NSAID/muscle relaxant

39. Difficulty speaking

40. Abdominal CT scan

41. Use of therapeutic burning for wound repair

42. Area of hardened tissue

43. Below knee amputation

44. Antibiotic

45. Mobile - not bed-ridden

46. Heart rate

47. Relatively hard and spherical abnormal structures

48. Fracture

49. Temporary detaining order

50. A test for WBCs in stool; often performed to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or infections caused by bacteria that have invaded the bowel mucosal lining