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Technical Drawing Terms

Subject : engineering
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1. In CAD - grouping of individual component files or sub- assembly files

2. The degree of conformity of a measured or calculated value to actual value being measured or calculated.

3. Assembly drawings in which parts are moved out of position along an axis.

4. Measurement in length - width and height.

5. A table located in the bottom right hand corner of a drawing that identifies necessary info not given in the drawing itself.

6. Develops technical standards for many products in the United States.

7. Develops technical standards for products globally.

8. A drawing that shows the various parts of an item when assembled.

9. Changes made to a drawing since it was initially released to manufacture.

10. The way in which something is usually done - by tradition or established standards.

11. A document that accompanies a drawing to authorize changes to a design.

12. The system used in most of the world that uses meters - grams and liters.