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1. All the following are parts of a URL EXCEPT __________. hyperlink; protocol; domain name; path

2. A connection to the Internet using a standard telephone line.

3. A method of communication - similar to a discussion group or forum - in which people create threads - or conversations. In a thread - a newsgroup member will post messages and read and reply to messages from other members of the newsgroup.

4. The suffix - often of three letters - in the domain name (such as .com or .edu) that indicates the kind of organization the host is.

5. A program that enables users to communicate online in real time with others who are also online.

6. A personal journal that uses video as the primary content - and the most popular of these is YouTube

7. A weblog is a personal log or journal posted on the web.

8. A device that enables users to have wireless Internet access with mobile devices such as PDAs and notebooks.

9. A software program that runs on a computer and is used to send and receive e-mail through the ISP's server.

10. Seeing the VeriSign seal is a guarantee that a Web site is secure. True or False

11. Is a wildcard or placeholder feature that is helpful when you need to search with unknown terms.

12. A software program that goes out and grabs the latest update of Web material (usually podcasts) according to your specifications.

13. A feature in some browsers that places a marker of a Web site's Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in an easily retrievable list. (Bookmarks are called Favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

14. Software programs that access your Internet service provider - which acts like an electronic post office

15. Which of the following is NOT an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client application? Trillion Pidgin Facebook XChat

16. The first 'internet' was a U.S. government-funded 'internet working' project named __________.

17. Internet access that is enabled by transmitting data at the speed of light through glass or plastic fibers.

18. The information after the slash indicates a particular file or path (or subdirectory) within the Web site.

19. A structured outline of Web sites organized by topics and subtopics.

20. A network - consisting of client and server computers - in which the clients make requests of the server and the server returns the response.

21. The broadcast of audio or video content over the Internet. Unlike a podcast - a webcast is not updated automatically.

22. Largest computer network in the world

23. Most browsers now offer tabbed browsing - which allows for convenient navigation.

24. A means by which people use the Internet to communicate and share information among their immediate friends - and meet and connect with others through common interests - experiences - and friends.

25. A means of synchronous group communication used in discussion forums.

26. Software installed on a computer system that allows individuals to locate - view - and navigate the Web.

27. Internet-based communication in which senders and recipients correspond.

28. A social networking service

29. (1) A specific word a user wishes to query (or look for) in an Internet search. (2) A specific word that has a predefined meaning in a particular programming language.

30. The average speed of DSL is __________ Mbps.

31. The three parts of a search engine?

32. The part of the Internet used the most. What distinguishes the Web from the rest of the Internet are (1) its use of common communication protocols (such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol - or TCP/IP) and special languages (such as th

33. A clip of audio or video content that is broadcast over the Internet using compressed audio and video files such as MP3s and MP4s

34. A type of connection that uses telephone lines to connect to the Internet and that allows both phone and data transmissions to share the same line.

35. A personal online journal that uses video as the primary content in addition to text - images - and audio.

36. __________ is an XML-based format that facilitates the delivery of frequent content updates on Web pages.

37. It can actually be safer to use your credit card online than in a traditional retail store because it eliminates the human factor from the equation. True or False

38. An expansion card that enables a computer to connect other computers or to a cable modem to facilitate a high-speed Internet connection.

39. E-commerce transactions between businesses.

40. A word used to refine logical searches. For Internet searches - the words AND - NOT - and OR describe the relationships between keywords in the search.

41. The process of conducting business online for purposes ranging from fund-raising to advertising to selling products.

42. Plays animation and movies through Web browsers

43. A list that shows the hierarchy of previously viewed Web pages within the Web site that you are currently visiting. Shown at the top of some Web pages - it aids Web site navigation.

44. The maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network; usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

45. The protocol that allows files to be transferred from a Web server so that you can see them on your computer by using a browser.

46. Tools and Web-based services that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users.

47. The maximum speed of DSL is __________ Mbps.

48. A program that constantly collects information on the Web - following links in Web sites and reading Web pages. Spiders get their name because they crawl over the Web using multiple 'legs' to visit many sites simultaneously.

49. A communication device that works to translate digital data into an analog signal and back again.

50. Walmart.com is an example of this type of web site