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Timeline Of Indian History

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1. British rule in Burma (to 1947)

2. FrenchIndia

3. Ashoka dies and is succeeded by Kunala.

4. Period IV of Mehrgarh ends

5. Painted Grey Ware culture

6. Started Post Service

7. Vishnukundina Empire

8. Second war with Pakistan over Kashmir.

9. Kuninda Kingdom established. Tholkappiyam describes the grammar and morphology of Tamil; it is the oldest existing Tamil grammar (dates vary between 200 BCE and 100 CE). (to 100 BC)

10. Invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni

11. Cancelation of Partition of Bengal - Delhi Durbar Third Time

12. Kakori conspiracy

13. British Raj (to 1947)

14. The Maratha Peshwa (prime minister) usurps the Maratha kingdom - starting a new dynastic rule based in Pune.

15. Ashoka conquers and unifies most of South Asia - along with Afghanistan and eastern Iran.

16. Vajpayee meets Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in the first summit between the two neighbours in more than two years. The meeting ends without a breakthrough or even a joint statement because of differences over Kashmir.

17. Shivaji dies of fever at Raigad.

18. Gautamiputra Satkarni becomes Satavahana emperor and starts Shalivahana era calendar after defeating Scythian king Maues.

19. Died Tatya Tope

20. Aurangzeb invades the Deccan

21. Chera Kingdom

22. Solanki Kingdom

23. Early Harappan Culture

24. Western Ganga Kingdom

25. Magadha Kingdom

26. Pallava Empire

27. Kingdom of Anuradhapura

28. Akbar annexes Kashmir.

29. Classical period

30. Governor Hasan Gangu revolts against Muhammad bin Tughluq founding the Bahmani Sultanate

31. Chandra Vidyasagar is born (to 1891)

32. Eastern Ganga Empire

33. Non-cooperation movementKhilafat Movement

34. 'Atmiya Sabha' Established Later on known as 'Prarthana Samaj' By Raja Ram Mohan Roy

35. Champaran and Kheda Satyagraha

36. Second Anglo-Mysore War ends with the Treaty of Mangalore.

37. Ala-ud-din Khalji's army under Malik Kafur occupies Devagiri ending the Seuna Yadava Kingdom

38. Marathas re-captures Delhi and parts of NorthIndia.

39. Pala Empire

40. DanishIndia (to 1869)

41. Simon Commission

42. Dutch Ceylon

43. Timur plunders Lahore

44. Panini - a resident of Gandhara - describes the grammar and morphology of Sanskrit in the text Ashtadhyayi. Panini's standardized Sanskrit is known as Classical Sanskrit.

45. Mehrgarh Culture

46. Sumra Dynasty ends the Arab domination and establishes its own rule over Sindh.

47. Sikh Empire

48. Pallava Empire

49. Rashtrakuta Empire

50. Babur bribes Mewar general Silhadi promising Silhadi a kingdom - if Silhadi betrays Mewar King Rana Sanga in Battle of Khanwa - thus leading to the annexation of Mewar.