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Verbal Reasoning

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Raylan missed no days of work last year. This year - he's missed a few days - has been to the doctor four times for asthma and his blood pressure is high.

2. Raylan likes to lift weights. Acme does not have a gym.

3. Raylan's house has 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom. His house is the largest on his street.

4. Raylan has 2 children. Raylan is celebrating the first anniversary of his wife's death next month.

5. Raylan has no children. He is engaged to be married next year.

6. Raylan went to Rutgers University. He was a member of the football team.

7. Raylan watches the Discovery Channel. He also likes the History Channel and Nat Geo.

8. Raylan went to Rutgers University. He received his diploma in 1990.

9. Raylan served in the Army. He was stationed in Germany.

10. Raylan served in the Air Force. He operated an F-14.

11. Raylan has 2 children. His oldest child Bob is married and Bob and his wife have a baby boy.

12. Raylan's favorite instrument is a violin. He often goes to the orchestra.

13. Raylan lives on Miami Lane. Miami Lane intersects with Orlando Drive and Atlanta Court.

14. Raylan lives on Wisconsin Lane. Wisconsin Lane intersects with Nebraska Drive and Oklahoma Court.

15. Raylan has worked at Acme for 17 years. Employees who work at Acme for 20 years are eligible for retirement.

16. Raylan lives on Maple Lane. Maple Lane intersects with Oak Drive and Willow Court.

17. Raylan and his neighbors need to water their yards frequently. The sun beating down on the grass dries them out.

18. Raylan watches ESPN - Versus and Fox Soccer Channel. He also views the Speed Channel - the NHL Network and the MLB Network in his spare time.

19. Raylan had three operations early this year. He has been back at work for three months and started going to the gym last week.

20. Acme is on a very small plot of land. They provide a locker room - showers and weights for employees like Raylan who like to exercises - but Raylan enjoys running.

21. Raylan joined the Air Force in 1995. He left the Air Force in 2000 to join the FBI. He left the FBI in 2010.

22. Raylan worked for PNC Bank - The Philadelphia Red Sox - Chase Bank - ESPN - Soverign Bank and the Hockey News.

23. Raylan tuns into several different music stations on the radio. Raylan also attends several different types concerts each year.

24. Raylan works at Acme. Acme is open for business Monday through Friday.

25. Raylan lives in Lexington. He has a 75 minute drive to work.

26. Raylan plays the piano. He is in a four piece band.

27. Raylan's house has a view of the entire town. One must drive uphill for 5 minues to reach Raylan's house.

28. Raylan's house has three levels and 15 rooms. His house is the smallest on his street.

29. Raylan likes to attend hockey games. His favorite hockey team is the Braves.

30. Raylan works for Acme. Acme provides employees with shares of stock as part of their compensation.

31. Raylan graduated from Rutgers in 1990. He immediately went to work for Acme - where he worked his entire career.

32. Raylan first worked as a policeman. After a year - he spent 40 years working for PNC Bank - Chase Bank - Soverign Bank - Bank of America and Citizens Bank.

33. Raylan runs 4 miles whenever he runs. He runs on weekdays.

34. From Raylan's yard - you can gaze skyward and see land in all directions.

35. Raylan had three operations this year. He is currently on medical leave with no projected return to work date.

36. Raylan works at Acme. Acme is located in Lexington.

37. Raylan made $99 -000 in 2010. Raylan's salary was $105 -000 in 2011.

38. Raylan prefers radio talk shows to other stations. He rarely uses his home stereo.

39. Raylan makes $121 -000 per year. People who make more than $150 -000 per year can not open an Individual Retirement Account.

40. Raylan served as a military policeman. He attained the rank of Major.

41. Raylan likes to run. Acme has a 3 mile running track.

42. Raylan has a wife and 2 kids. Raylan is celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary next month.

43. Raylan broke his leg while skiing last year. Last week he was in a motorcycle crash. He also likes to skydive.

44. Raylan worked for PNC Bank - Chase Bank - Soverign Bank - Bank of America and Citizens Bank.

45. Acme provides employees with free lunch. Raylan is an employee who enjoys the company cafeteria.

46. Raylan joined the Army in 1990. He was discharged in 2000.

47. Raylan works at Acme. Acme is a telecommunication company.

48. Raylan has worked 15 years at Acme. Employees who work for Acme for 10 years are eligible for a pension.

49. Raylan has two brothers. Each of his brothers have three children.

50. Raylan likes to attend football games. His favorite football team is the Eagles.