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Wireless Mobile Computing And M- Commerce

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1. A set of standards for wireless devices with tiny display screens - low bandwidth connections - and minimal memory to access web based info and services

2. Networks of interconnected battery powered wireless sensors placed in the physical environment

3. A computer environment in which virtually every object has processing power with the wireless or wired connections to a global network

4. A wireless system that uses microwaves for high volume - long distance - point to point communication

5. A network composed to motes in the physical environment that wake up at intervals to transmit data to their nearest neighbor mote

6. Chip technology that enables shorta range connection (data and voice) between wireless devices

7. A wireless technology that allows manufacturers to attach tags with antennas and computer chips on goods and then track their movement through radio signals

8. An antenna connecting a mobile device to a wired local area network

9. A wireless system that uses satellites to enable users to determine their position anywhere on earth

10. A real time wireless connection between a mobile device and other computing environments such as the internet or an intranet

11. The one quarter second transmission delay in communication to and from GEO satellites

12. A wireless transmission system that uses satellites for broadcast communications

13. A type of wireless transmission that uses red light not commonly visible to human eyes

14. Telephones that use radio waves to provide two way communication

15. The wireless transmission and receipt of data gathered from remote sensors

16. A portal that aggregates and provides content and services for mobile users

17. A computer network used for communication among computer devices close to one person

18. A services provided by digital cell phones that can send and receive short text messages (160 characters)

19. A wireless system that offers uninterrupted near CD quality music that is beamed to your radio from satellites

20. A device that has built in radio and antenna and is essential to enable a computer to have wireless communication capabilities

21. Internet browsers with a small file size that can work within the low memory constraints of wireless devices and the low bandwidths of wireless networks

22. Telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves carry the signal between communicating devices

23. A technology that allows users to make purchases with a single click from their mobile devices

24. A computer network in a limited geographical area that uses wireless transmission for communication

25. The standard that enables wireless devices with tiny display screens - low bandwidth connections - and minimal memory to access web based info and services

26. A small geographical perimeter within which a wireless access point provides service to a number of users

27. 911 emergency calls made with wireless devices

28. A web site with an audio interface

29. Transmission that uses radio wave frequencies to send data directly between transmitters and receivers

30. A high bandwidth wireless technology with transmission speeds in excess of 100 mbps that can be used for such applications as streaming multimedia from a personal computer to a television

31. Mobile commerce transactions targeted to individuals in specific loactions at specific times

32. The smallest of the short range wireless networks that is designed to be embedded in mobile devices such as cell phones and credit cards