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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Keyboard shortcut for text frame options

2. A technique that allows text to flow around a graphic image

3. A letter that is 3 or 4 points larger than the rest of the text

4. Ungroup

5. Unit of measurement typically used when measuring lines

6. A vector created by lines or by stationary elements arranged in a way as to suggest a line

7. Page orientation that is wider than it is long.

8. Fit picture to window with no distortion

9. Exaggerated stroke on an italicized character

10. Typically the .125 edge that is trimmed off after printing

11. Inches symbol when smart quotes are on

12. Stencil- used in Cloth-Metal Glass

13. Punctuation used here. Example: RSVP--By October 1

14. Long wire belt that pulp material is poured into and events out the pulp. In paper - you always want to know the direction the grain is running

15. Cotton or linen

16. Decorative ornament

17. Helvetica - humanistic sans optima - Handwriting cursive (letters don't connect) - handwriting script (letters do connect) - decorative (heavy connotations)

18. Degree Symbol

19. Animal skin based paper

20. A way to save time when formatting entire paragraphs

21. A space that is a width of a capital N in whichever font is being used; is used to connect ranges of numbers - dates - and letters.

22. A type of binding that joins pages together with glue to create a book

23. Macule - patch - Use of many colors in a publication (most commonly CMYK).

24. Keyboard shortcut for the rectangle tool

25. Arrows drawn on a force diagram to represent location of a force - magnitude of a force - and direction of a force. - created by something that points in a specific direction - such as an arrow - a one-way street sign - or somebody looking or pointin

26. die-cutting - embossing - scoring - numbering - thermography - varnishing binding

27. Cloth like roller that comes across the roller- top of paper - presses lightly

28. Clay or starch like material - smoother - resistant to water - added to the pulp

29. View page in Normal Mode

30. Increase type size

31. Keyboard shortcut to display the entire page

32. Special formatting style that uses light-colored text on a dark background

33. Are gaps appearing to run down a paragraph of text - due to a coincidental alignment of spaces. They can occur regardless of the spacing settings - but are most noticeable with wide inter-word spaces caused by full text justification or monospaced fo

34. Text frame option keeping text away from the stroke.

35. The horizontal space between each letter for an entire line or paragraph

36. Page used to globally affect multiple pages

37. Selects the entire paragraph

38. Heavy - black looking type - some contrast in stroke weight - bracketed serifs - oblique stress

39. Process color choices

40. Copy

41. Keyboard shortcut for the eillipse tool

42. Selects an entire line

43. New Document

44. The space between lines of text

45. Duplicate

46. Keyboard shortcut to display the document at 100%

47. Quit

48. F7 key displays this panel

49. Feet symbol when smart quotes are on

50. Soft return