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Subject : it-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Save As

2. Uses a series of cards to identify specific colors.

3. F7 key displays this panel

4. Declarations that describe the layout and appearance of a document.

5. Small strokes at the bottom of the letters that makes for easier reading

6. The different kinds of paper that can be used

7. Keyboard shortcut for the text tool

8. Undo

9. Text character above the line of type

10. Degree Symbol

11. Nudge 1 point

12. The height of the lowercase letter x. It is also the height of the body of lowercase letters in a font - excluding the ascenders and descenders. Some lower-case letters that do not have ascenders or descenders still extend a little bit above or below

13. A process that divides a word - when necessary - at the end of a line with a hypen (-) so part of the word wraps to the next line.

14. The space between lines of text

15. New Document

16. Ungroup

17. Decrease type size

18. Fancy italic serif

19. High contrast between thick and things - vertical stress -unbracketed serifs - vertical look

20. Exaggerated stroke on an italicized character

21. Selects an entire word

22. Quit

23. A letter displayed 2 or 3 lines below the baseline

24. The arrangement of pages onto plates and printed sheets so they will be in proper sequence once the sheets are printed and folded - Most of the time this involves printing on BOTH sides of a sheet.

25. This key will hide all panels

26. Keyboard shortcut for the swatch panel

27. Soft return

28. Used to visually express and creatively reinforce the meaning of a word

29. Inches symbol when smart quotes are on

30. Paper made out of animal skins-- slightly soft shiny feel to it

31. other kind of rollers - finishes - usually old style

32. Lowered surface- used for art engraving and etching - long-run magazines - photobooks - engraved invitations

33. The horizontal space between each letter for an entire line or paragraph

34. dandy roller influences circumtext of the paper "grid look"

35. A plate makes an inked impression on a rubber-blanketed cylinder - which in turn transfers it to the paper

36. Keyboard shortcut to display the document at 100%

37. Gathered signatures are simply sewn straight through - from one side of the book to the other - near the binding fold

38. Cloth like roller that comes across the roller- top of paper - presses lightly

39. Right side of the spread

40. Duplicate

41. Flat surface- used in most publications - least expensive

42. Toggle through fonts

43. French e w/ accent mark

44. Text frame option keeping text away from the stroke.

45. Measurement of space - equal to the space of a capital "N" - half the size of em space

46. The horizontal space between 2 characters

47. Print

48. A very short line of text (single sentence or phrase) that appears at the end of a paragraph or column

49. Center picture in box

50. Arrows drawn on a force diagram to represent location of a force - magnitude of a force - and direction of a force. - created by something that points in a specific direction - such as an arrow - a one-way street sign - or somebody looking or pointin