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Subject : it-skills
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Fit in Window

2. Bring to Front

3. Select All

4. Fit picture to window with no distortion

5. Page used to globally affect multiple pages

6. Are gaps appearing to run down a paragraph of text - due to a coincidental alignment of spaces. They can occur regardless of the spacing settings - but are most noticeable with wide inter-word spaces caused by full text justification or monospaced fo

7. A form of specific color - such as the Pantone Matching System.

8. Decorative ornament

9. Copy

10. Single letter joined together

11. Print

12. Uses a series of cards to identify specific colors.

13. Roman (upright - all uppercase letters) - irish unicial (beginning of lowercase) - aezim (decorative german and english)

14. 2 different kinds of paper - newspring - offset papers

15. Block looking type font used for headlines

16. Look or feel of the top of the paper - matches wire

17. Selects the entire story

18. Get info on a file

19. Material that you use when you "beat up all materials"

20. Job - collection of data and materials - analysis - audience - form & function - creative design - thumbnail - rough - comprehensive - production - proofing - correction - detail and fine tuning - final proof - printing - post- production (covers/ st

21. Select one item in group

22. Bullet

23. Keyboard shortcut to display the entire page

24. A type of binding that joins pages together with glue to create a book

25. Center picture in box

26. Small strokes at the bottom of the letters that makes for easier reading

27. A process that divides a word - when necessary - at the end of a line with a hypen (-) so part of the word wraps to the next line.

28. Left side of the spread

29. Type is usually measured in _______

30. Quit

31. New Document

32. Punctuation between a range of numbers. Example: October 14-October 18

33. Less contrast between strokes - vertical stress - heavy (sometimes square or slab)

34. Selects an entire line

35. Nudge 1 point

36. A line the width of a capital M in whichever font is being used; used to indicate a break in thought

37. Page orientation that is wider than it is long.

38. Keyboard shortcut for the eillipse tool

39. First they provide unmatched structure and organization - which helps create a predictable rhythm and sense of familiarity to the design

40. Gathered signatures are simply sewn straight through - from one side of the book to the other - near the binding fold

41. Heavy - black looking type - some contrast in stroke weight - bracketed serifs - oblique stress

42. Keyboard shortcut for the pencil tool

43. This links the signatures together - while permitting the opened book to lay flat.

44. Keyboard shortcut for the text tool

45. Paper that acid use for pulp to be removed

46. The space between lines of text

47. Paper made out of animal skins-- slightly soft shiny feel to it

48. Right side of the spread

49. The paragraph format in which the first line indents more than the following lines

50. Long wire belt that pulp material is poured into and events out the pulp. In paper - you always want to know the direction the grain is running