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Subject : it-skills
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Process color choices

2. Place

3. The height of the lowercase letter x. It is also the height of the body of lowercase letters in a font - excluding the ascenders and descenders. Some lower-case letters that do not have ascenders or descenders still extend a little bit above or below

4. Page orientation that is wider than it is long.

5. Houses all of the tools that you work with

6. Selects the entire paragraph

7. Selects the entire story

8. Selects an entire line

9. Paragraph alignment producing aligned text on both the left and right

10. Undo

11. Bring to Front

12. Non-process pre-mixed inks

13. Roman (upright - all uppercase letters) - irish unicial (beginning of lowercase) - aezim (decorative german and english)

14. Save

15. Job - collection of data and materials - analysis - audience - form & function - creative design - thumbnail - rough - comprehensive - production - proofing - correction - detail and fine tuning - final proof - printing - post- production (covers/ st

16. Look or feel of the top of the paper - matches wire

17. A letter displayed 2 or 3 lines below the baseline

18. Single letter joined together

19. Selecting the outport to load the cursor linking text at a different location.

20. A process that divides a word - when necessary - at the end of a line with a hypen (-) so part of the word wraps to the next line.

21. Material that you use when you "beat up all materials"

22. Helvetica - humanistic sans optima - Handwriting cursive (letters don't connect) - handwriting script (letters do connect) - decorative (heavy connotations)

23. other kind of rollers - finishes - usually old style

24. Maintain proportion of box or content while enlarging or reducing

25. Very thick - very hard paper that are used for signs and displays

26. 2 different kinds of paper - newspring - offset papers

27. Flexography Raised Surface-- Fine Print Books - Antique look

28. F7 key displays this panel

29. View page in Normal Mode

30. Block looking type font used for headlines

31. Select one item in group

32. Select All

33. High contrast between thick and things - vertical stress -unbracketed serifs - vertical look

34. A symbolic picture-especially one used as part of a writing system for carving messages in stone.

35. Soft return

36. Save As

37. Measurement of space - equal to the space of a capital "N" - half the size of em space


39. A space that is a width of a capital N in whichever font is being used; is used to connect ranges of numbers - dates - and letters.

40. Are single lines or parts of a sentence that appear alone at the top of a new column or page

41. Keyboard shortcut for text frame options

42. Left side of the spread

43. Locks text onto consistent horizontal points.

44. Keyboard shortcut to display the document at 100%

45. Page used to globally affect multiple pages

46. Paste

47. This key will hide all panels

48. Arrows drawn on a force diagram to represent location of a force - magnitude of a force - and direction of a force. - created by something that points in a specific direction - such as an arrow - a one-way street sign - or somebody looking or pointin

49. Cloth like roller that comes across the roller- top of paper - presses lightly

50. Keyboard shortcut for the pencil tool