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Subject : it-skills
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. The paragraph format in which the first line indents more than the following lines

2. Heavy - black looking type - some contrast in stroke weight - bracketed serifs - oblique stress

3. Pages that butt up against each other.

4. Clay or starch like material - smoother - resistant to water - added to the pulp

5. A way to save time when formatting entire paragraphs

6. Decorative ornament

7. Save

8. Are single lines or parts of a sentence that appear alone at the top of a new column or page

9. Undo

10. ... (ellipse)

11. Helvetica - humanistic sans optima - Handwriting cursive (letters don't connect) - handwriting script (letters do connect) - decorative (heavy connotations)

12. A form of specific color - such as the Pantone Matching System.

13. The horizontal space between each letter for an entire line or paragraph

14. This key will hide all panels

15. Fancy italic serif

16. Toggle through fonts

17. Keyboard shortcut to display the entire page

18. Bring to Front

19. Look or feel of the top of the paper - matches wire

20. Gathered signatures are simply sewn straight through - from one side of the book to the other - near the binding fold

21. Flexography Raised Surface-- Fine Print Books - Antique look

22. Houses all of the tools that you work with

23. The space between lines of text

24. Feet symbol when smart quotes are on

25. New Document

26. Adjusting the spacing between words - phrases - and extended blocks of text

27. Place

28. Keyboard shortcut for text frame options

29. Be sure to keep in mind that the choice you make for your project will affect how it the printed piece is perceived.

30. dandy roller influences circumtext of the paper "grid look"

31. F7 key displays this panel

32. Pantone matching system 8 colors and black and white - printers can buy particular colors or you can mix them - using idesign you have to load these colors on

33. Declarations that describe the layout and appearance of a document.

34. Gap between columns

35. Groupings of pages printed on both sides

36. A space that is a width of a capital N in whichever font is being used; is used to connect ranges of numbers - dates - and letters.

37. Measurement of space - equal to the space of a capital "N" - half the size of em space

38. Keyboard shortcut for the rectangle tool

39. Bookbinding by sewing thread through the backfold of a signature and from signature to

40. Left side of the spread

41. Flat surface- used in most publications - least expensive

42. Number of points in an inch when using a standard font.

43. Degree Symbol

44. Very thick - very hard paper that are used for signs and displays

45. Page orientation that is longer than it is wide.

46. Keyboard shortcut to display the document at 100%

47. Cotton or linen

48. 'laid lanes' --> pressed---> wire roller kind of like a screen- each company has a water mark

49. Exaggerated stroke on an italicized character

50. Bullet