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Subject : it-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A very short line of text (single sentence or phrase) that appears at the end of a paragraph or column

2. Various styles of type that fall into larger categories such as roman - gothic - display - script - blackletter - etc

3. Get info on a file

4. Binding process using wire staples - thread - or wire.

5. A type of binding that joins pages together with glue to create a book

6. Print

7. Keyboard shortcut for the eillipse tool

8. Cotton or linen

9. This links the signatures together - while permitting the opened book to lay flat.

10. Used instead of the tab key to indent the first line of a paragraph

11. Gathered signatures are simply sewn straight through - from one side of the book to the other - near the binding fold

12. Defines a paragraph; also called a hard return

13. Typographers can test for rivers by turning a proof sheet upside down (top to bottom) to examine the text. From this perspective - the eye is less likely to recognize words and the type can be viewed more readily as an overall pattern.

14. Text frame option keeping text away from the stroke.

15. Process color choices

16. Maintain proportion of box or content while enlarging or reducing

17. Rolled onto hot metal rollers that flatten in it

18. Decrease type size

19. Long wire belt that pulp material is poured into and events out the pulp. In paper - you always want to know the direction the grain is running

20. Keyboard shortcut for the rectangle frame tool

21. Flat surface- used in most publications - least expensive

22. Select All

23. The height of the lowercase letter x. It is also the height of the body of lowercase letters in a font - excluding the ascenders and descenders. Some lower-case letters that do not have ascenders or descenders still extend a little bit above or below

24. dandy roller influences circumtext of the paper "grid look"

25. Keyboard shortcut to display the document at 100%

26. Typically the .125 edge that is trimmed off after printing

27. Number of points in an inch when using a standard font.

28. Animal skin based paper

29. Less contrast between strokes - vertical stress - heavy (sometimes square or slab)

30. More contrast between thick and thins - less oblique stress - bracketed serifs ex: baskerville

31. Measurement of space - equal to the space of a capital "N" - half the size of em space

32. Keyboard shortcut for text frame options

33. Paper made out of animal skins-- slightly soft shiny feel to it

34. Duplicate

35. A way to save time when formatting text

36. Extension for InDesign files

37. Selects an entire word

38. Locks text onto consistent horizontal points.

39. Increase type size

40. A space that is a width of a capital N in whichever font is being used; is used to connect ranges of numbers - dates - and letters.

41. Fancy italic serif

42. A way to save time when formatting entire paragraphs

43. Keyboard shortcut for the pencil tool

44. Fit in Window

45. Bookbinding by sewing thread through the backfold of a signature and from signature to

46. Inches symbol when smart quotes are on

47. The paragraph format in which the first line indents more than the following lines

48. Declarations that describe the layout and appearance of a document.

49. French e w/ accent mark

50. Page orientation that is longer than it is wide.