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Subject : it-skills
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Bring to Front

2. 'laid lanes' --> pressed---> wire roller kind of like a screen- each company has a water mark

3. Selects the entire paragraph

4. Process color choices

5. Quit

6. Helvetica - humanistic sans optima - Handwriting cursive (letters don't connect) - handwriting script (letters do connect) - decorative (heavy connotations)

7. Lowered surface- used for art engraving and etching - long-run magazines - photobooks - engraved invitations

8. Ungroup

9. Long wire belt that pulp material is poured into and events out the pulp. In paper - you always want to know the direction the grain is running

10. Paper that acid use for pulp to be removed

11. Typically the .125 edge that is trimmed off after printing

12. Paste

13. The horizontal space between 2 characters

14. Flat surface- used in most publications - least expensive

15. Keyboard shortcut for the rectangle tool

16. Very thick - very hard paper that are used for signs and displays

17. Gathered signatures are simply sewn straight through - from one side of the book to the other - near the binding fold


19. Select one item in group

20. Are gaps appearing to run down a paragraph of text - due to a coincidental alignment of spaces. They can occur regardless of the spacing settings - but are most noticeable with wide inter-word spaces caused by full text justification or monospaced fo

21. Keyboard shortcut for the rectangle frame tool

22. Save

23. Rolled onto hot metal rollers that flatten in it

24. Keyboard shortcut to display the document at 100%

25. Locks text onto consistent horizontal points.

26. A technique that allows text to flow around a graphic image

27. Material that you use when you "beat up all materials"

28. Animal skin based paper

29. Decrease type size

30. Text frame option keeping text away from the stroke.

31. Declarations that describe the layout and appearance of a document.

32. Fancy italic serif

33. Single letter joined together

34. Soft return

35. Fit in Window

36. Measurement of space - equal to the space of a capital "N" - half the size of em space

37. F7 key displays this panel

38. Selects the entire story

39. A type of binding that joins pages together with glue to create a book

40. Copy

41. Right side of the spread

42. The height of the lowercase letter x. It is also the height of the body of lowercase letters in a font - excluding the ascenders and descenders. Some lower-case letters that do not have ascenders or descenders still extend a little bit above or below

43. Unit of measurement typically used when measuring lines

44. A relief printing process - requires an image carrier that is physically raised above non-image area. Books - numbering - embossing - hot leaf stamping - packaging.

45. First they provide unmatched structure and organization - which helps create a predictable rhythm and sense of familiarity to the design

46. Keyboard shortcut for text frame options

47. Fit picture to window with no distortion

48. Adjusting the spacing between words - phrases - and extended blocks of text

49. New Document

50. Left side of the spread