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Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design

Subject : it-skills
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Other place to get font

2. ___________ is a term for temporarily hiding the contents of a layer by clicking the eye icon

3. Two or more colors that gradually blend into each other.

4. To put a style on text Go to _________ - go over each one to figure out the name. Sunset is most commonly used.

5. The act of comparing or estimating two things - one against the other - and the contrast between

6. Used in photo editing to integrate a defined area over another

7. Allows the use of copyrighted material on a website without first getting permission from the author

8. A series of lines and points plotted mathematically

9. The basic Photoshop tool icons that help you modify and monitor images. Each palette performs a specific function and may be positioned and resized as desired.

10. Allows you to record steps you take in photoshop.

11. _______ is another word for color.

12. Basic ________ include: line - shape - color and texture

13. Go to layers palette - right click on layer or go to submenu - CONVERT TO SMART OBJECT

14. Makes affected areas of your image darker

15. Three different types of balance when using color - shape - and position: Symmetry - Asymmetry - _________

16. _____ is a color mixed with black.

17. JPEGs don't show _________ - only PNG and GIF do.

18. Using masks and layers so the original image(s) are not compromised

19. To change ________ - foreground and background Click on either the foreground or background squares - and use the color picker to get the color needed. Switch them using the bent arrow in the top right of that section.

20. A temporary frame around a selected object that shows the objects outer dimensions

21. An image with pixels so small that the human eye cannot make ou the individual pixels when printed.

22. To ______________ - revealing the background. Lasso tool - go around it - hit delete. It will show the background color.

23. Resolution for the web should be

24. Show/hide layers

25. To create a gradient that contains randomly distributed colors within a range of colors that you specify

26. Should be used to modify layers so you can change the effect

27. When wanting the edges of a selection _____ - Select> Modify> Feather

28. Adds a special effect to objects on layers

29. To ________ a layer - Click on it - drag it to the bottom of the layers palette to the icon that looks like a page (next to the trash)

30. The default workspace setting

31. ___________ can be rearranged by clicking on one and dragging it up

32. Makes affected areas of your image lighter

33. File format that is uncompressed/unprocessed

34. To delete a layer drag it to the ______ at the bottom of the layers panel

35. An image made up of a rectangular grid of pixels. This type of graphic distorts if you try to enlarge it.

36. Using __________ allows you to modify images non-destructively

37. To reduce the jagged appearance of a low- resolution image by automatically resampling up.

38. _________ colors are opposite each other on the color wheel

39. The color structure of an image. Examples are CMYK - RGB - Grayscale - or indexed.

40. A selection tool based on shape

41. ______ is the intensity or purity of color.

42. To group one or more layers or objects in a layer together.

43. To create a _________ of two layers from the Menu: Layer> Create Layer Mask. Or - ALT- Click on the line dividing the two layers.

44. Converts vectors to pixels

45. while masking __________ reveals the image below

46. _________ colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel

47. While preparing images for a global audience you should consider the __________ design concept

48. Used for ________: the magic wand tool - the lasso tool - and the rectangular marquee

49. An image in which individual pixels are visible.

50. Selection tool that selects pixels with similar values to the pixel that the artist clicks on.