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Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design

Subject : it-skills
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. To choose an object so that you can manipulate it in some way.

2. To quickly access and use a path that you will use repeatedly in a logo for a client - you define the path as a ______

3. You have made a color-based selection - but there are some stray pixels within the selection that were NOT selected - Use ______

4. Refers to white - not transparent - referring to GIF.

5. Clone stamp - healing brush - patch

6. The four _____________ are: Movement - Balance - Emphasis and Unity

7. To put a style on text Go to _________ - go over each one to figure out the name. Sunset is most commonly used.

8. CRAP stands for: Contrast - ____________ and Proximity

9. ___________ is a term for temporarily hiding the contents of a layer by clicking the eye icon

10. ____ is a color mixed with gray.

11. Resolution for the web should be

12. is a companion program that lets you sort - group - label images. It also has automated functions like contact sheet template generation and web page design.

13. when selected - means the magic wand will select only pixels next to each other

14. File format that is uncompressed/unprocessed

15. Allows you to record steps you take in photoshop.

16. Use to draw a precise path around an object - click or clicking and dragging to place each point

17. An image that uses geometrical primitives such as points - lines - curves - and polygons to represent images. This type of graphic is scalable and does not pixelize.

18. _____ is a color mixed with black.

19. Double click on the palette name to ________

20. The preferred resolution for images that will be printed

21. Used for ________: the magic wand tool - the lasso tool - and the rectangular marquee

22. ___________ can be rearranged by clicking on one and dragging it up

23. Use with the clone tool to establish an area to duplicate

24. _______ is another word for color.

25. _____________ can be scaled up and down without being messed up. It will not lose resolution.

26. zoom in

27. Samples color from any area on the image

28. Other place to get font

29. Allows you to create and store masks to manipulate - isolate - and protect specific parts of an image

30. Used to fix red eye in images

31. Basic ________ include: line - shape - color and texture

32. Just click once to clear up minor blemishes on an image

33. lets you apply a recorded action to a series of photos

34. Alternate name for palettes

35. The working surface of a Photoshop image. It is like a transparent sheet that sorts the paint and filter effects.

36. The process of softening the edges of an image in the foreground so that it blends into the background image with less contrast.

37. Allows the use of copyrighted material on a website without first getting permission from the author

38. The color mode one should use for print documents taken to a commercial printer

39. To ________ a layer - Click on it - drag it to the bottom of the layers palette to the icon that looks like a page (next to the trash)

40. An image with pixels so small that the human eye cannot make ou the individual pixels when printed.

41. levels

42. Three different types of balance when using color - shape - and position: Symmetry - Asymmetry - _________

43. Jump selection or layer to new layer

44. Maintain the aspect ratio for an image

45. To create a gradient that contains randomly distributed colors within a range of colors that you specify

46. To merge all the layers in an image into a single layer.

47. Full screen

48. _________ ideal for web use: JPEG or PNG or GIF

49. To express with particular stress or force describes the concept of_________in graphic design

50. To correct a poor _______ apply a photo filter to an image