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Aging Physiology And Pharmacology

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1. How does an 80yo renal fcn compare to that of a 20yo?

2. delirium predisposing rf

3. elderly abuse epidemiology

4. anticholinergic drugs may lead to what prescription cascade?

5. What are rf for osteoporosis?

6. delirium incidence

7. What is capacity?

8. vertigo

9. What is polypharmacy

10. functional incontinence tx

11. How does ANF prevent syncope?

12. delirium diagnosis

13. osteoporosis epidemiology

14. How does aging affect pharmacokinetic Rx distribution?

15. What is the epidemiology of dizziness?

16. fall causes

17. incontinence complication

18. pulm edema + atypical Sx

19. who is a good candidate for opioid tx?

20. Syncope prognosis based on etio

21. restrain requirements

22. how is syncope related to elderly admission to hospital?

23. LBW equation

24. using long-acting opioids in elderly

25. malignancy + atypical Sx

26. What are the 4 basic ethical principles?

27. tube feeding

28. What is the best approach to malnutrition

29. what nutritional interventions help underweight?

30. What are common physical abuse Sx in elderly?

31. How does aging affect GI absorption rate of Rx?

32. what Rx are commonly monifoted in elderly for ADR?

33. which benzodiazepines are most appropriate for elderly?

34. what illnesses are underreported in elderly?

35. psychological abuse

36. stress incontinence tx

37. Presyncope

38. What is ISH?

39. PEM

40. what can enhance reporting in elderly?

41. What is the STOPP criteria?

42. how is the CAM used to diagnose delirium?

43. What are the 3 sentinel events for LT care?

44. memantine

45. donepezil

46. How does aging affect pharmacokinetic protein binding?

47. What is the bone deterioration cascade?

48. How does sliding scale glycemic control relate to elderly?

49. How does renal nerve prevent syncope?

50. malnutrition