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Aging Physiology And Pharmacology

Subject : health-sciences
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1. metoclopramide may lead to what prescription cascade?

2. ADR rf

3. How does an 80yo renal fcn compare to that of a 20yo?

4. what mechanical loading helps to prevent pressure ulcers?

5. Alb-bound Rx

6. What are the 4 forms of dizziness?

7. How does the aging heart compensate for lower HR to maintain unchanged CO?

8. How does aging impact syncope-preventing reflexes

9. What is START criteria?

10. Why is abuse underreported?

11. How does aging affect pharmacokinetics?

12. What is a PE sign of cachexia?

13. What is the natural history of syncope?

14. restrain requirements

15. fall causes

16. What are the common types of elder mistreatment?

17. red flags for further inquiry

18. what can enhance reporting in elderly?

19. documenting elderly abuse

20. How does aging affect Rx pharmacokinetic distribution?

21. Cockcroft Gault equation

22. dementia tx

23. incontinence complication

24. ACE inhib + K+: interaction outcome

25. delirium diagnosis

26. What are the vascular changes of presyncope?

27. incontinence epidemiology

28. cachexia

29. opioid tx in elderly

30. How does aging increase incontinence?

31. frailty raises vulnerability to...

32. nutrition syndromes

33. What are the narrative elements of clinical ethics?

34. How does ANF prevent syncope?

35. What are the common causes of lightheadedness?

36. violation of rights

37. surrogate decision making heirarchy

38. What is the epidemiology of dizziness?

39. What are the risks of uncontrolled ISH?

40. Beers criteria: what 10 Rx should elderly avoid or use + caution?

41. What are the key points of safe prescription for elderly - lecture

42. Disequilibrium

43. What is capacity?

44. what receptors increase sensitivity with aging?

45. how may hypertension compensate for aging?

46. what illnesses are underreported in elderly?

47. What is the Cockcroft Gault equation?

48. lipid-soluble Rx

49. What is the best approach to malnutrition

50. How does sliding scale glycemic control relate to elderly?