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Aging Physiology And Pharmacology

Subject : health-sciences
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1. How does aging affect pharmacokinetics?

2. galantamine

3. How does aging increase incontinence?

4. elderly abuse epidemiology

5. What are common medical causes of syncope?

6. What is the epidemiology of dizziness?

7. thyroid dx + atypical Sx

8. what illnesses are underreported in elderly?

9. What are the common types of elder mistreatment?

10. falls epidemiology

11. how can you determine whether Rx is appropriate to use in elderly patient?

12. osteopenia

13. what normally prevents syncope?

14. refusing intervention

15. What are rf for osteoporosis?

16. how is cachexia different from wasting?

17. driving considerations

18. How does aging affect pharmacokinetic Rx distribution?

19. delirium: mgmt

20. pulm edema + atypical Sx

21. psychological abuse

22. ACE inhib + K+: interaction outcome

23. Presyncope

24. physical neglect

25. vision changes: elderly

26. tube feeding

27. using long-acting opioids in elderly

28. fall sequelae

29. donepezil

30. overflow incontinence tx

31. incontinence epidemiology

32. How does aging impact syncope-preventing reflexes

33. Disequilibrium

34. MI + atypical Sx

35. delirium predisposing rf

36. memantine

37. What is a PE sign of cachexia?

38. What is a mattering map?

39. What is sCr?

40. How does ANF prevent syncope?

41. what professional is least likely to report abuse?

42. What drugs can contribute to syncope?

43. ADR rf

44. frailty

45. what % of hospitalizations of elderly are due to ADR + noncompliance?

46. How does aging affect GI absorption rate of Rx?

47. What are the pharmacodynamic changes associated with aging?

48. How does aging affect Rx renal elimination?

49. ACE inhib + diuretic: interaction outcome

50. Beers criteria: what 10 Rx should elderly avoid or use + caution?