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Aging Physiology And Pharmacology

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1. lipid-soluble Rx

2. PEM

3. What is the STOPP criteria?

4. What are rf for osteoporosis?

5. What drugs can contribute to syncope?

6. how may hypertension compensate for aging?

7. What are the risks of uncontrolled ISH?

8. stress incontinence tx

9. what nutritional interventions help underweight?

10. thyroid dx + atypical Sx

11. pulm edema + atypical Sx

12. describe the % of ADR considered preventable - and of those serious

13. Approach to idioPx - recurrent syncope

14. How does aging impact syncope-preventing reflexes

15. What is ISH?

16. what professional is least likely to report abuse?

17. What is a PE sign of cachexia?

18. NSAID may lead to what prescription cascade?

19. Why is abuse underreported?

20. delirium: mgmt

21. depression + atypical Sx

22. Presyncope

23. ACE inhib + diuretic: interaction outcome

24. clues of neglect

25. What are the key points of safe prescription for elderly - lecture

26. acute abdomen + atypical Sx

27. How does aging affect GI absorption rate of Rx?

28. How does sliding scale glycemic control relate to elderly?

29. what receptors decrease sensitivity with aging?

30. osteoporosis etio

31. advanced directive/care plan

32. incontinence epidemiology

33. What are the pharmacodynamic changes associated with aging?

34. urinary incontinence types

35. malignancy + atypical Sx

36. LBW equation

37. How does renal nerve prevent syncope?

38. What is capacity?

39. What are the rf for caregiver to abuse elderly?

40. osteoporosis

41. What are the 3 stages of ADRs?

42. who is a good candidate for opioid tx?

43. frailty

44. opioid tx in elderly

45. what % of hospitalizations of elderly are due to ADR + noncompliance?

46. What are the rf for elderly abuse?

47. What is START criteria?

48. how is syncope related to elderly admission to hospital?

49. What are the 4 forms of dizziness?

50. delirium: medical rf