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Aging Physiology And Pharmacology

Subject : health-sciences
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1. malignancy + atypical Sx

2. when selecting an P1-metabolite or P2-metabolite safer in elderly?

3. osteoporosis

4. What are the 3 sentinel events for LT care?

5. acute abdomen + atypical Sx

6. fall causes

7. Aging principles

8. surrogate decision making heirarchy

9. incontinence epidemiology

10. What are the vascular changes of presyncope?

11. Aging features

12. What is the preferred depression treatment in elderly?

13. What is the best approach to malnutrition

14. rivastigmine

15. What is sCr?

16. What are the common causes of lightheadedness?

17. what receptors increase sensitivity with aging?

18. What are the 3 stages of ADRs?

19. What drugs can contribute to syncope?

20. How does aging affect pharmacokinetic Rx distribution?

21. osteopenia

22. how is cachexia different from wasting?

23. incontinence complication

24. nutrition syndromes

25. PEM

26. What are common physical abuse Sx in elderly?

27. restrain requirements

28. refusing intervention

29. delirium incidence

30. What is ISH?

31. LBW equation

32. what % of hospitalizations of elderly are due to ADR + noncompliance?

33. what drugs can cause dizziness?

34. falls epidemiology

35. How does baroreceptor reflex prevent syncope?

36. What are rf for osteoporosis?

37. delirium diagnosis

38. MRP: medication related problems

39. How to prevent pressure ulcers?

40. substituted judgment

41. What are the narrative elements of clinical ethics?

42. How does aging affect pharmacokinetic protein binding?

43. advanced directive/care plan

44. How does renal nerve prevent syncope?

45. How does aging affect Rx renal elimination?

46. frailty raises vulnerability to...

47. Alb-bound Rx

48. What is polypharmacy

49. How does aging affect pharmacokinetics?

50. How does sliding scale glycemic control relate to elderly?