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Aging Physiology And Pharmacology

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1. How does the aging heart compensate for lower HR to maintain unchanged CO?

2. delirium: mgmt

3. preventing malnutrition

4. Disequilibrium

5. lightheadedness

6. depression + atypical Sx

7. what professional is least likely to report abuse?

8. How does aging affect pharmacokinetic Rx distribution?

9. What drugs can contribute to syncope?

10. i2 + atypical Sx

11. surrogate decision making heirarchy

12. What are rf for osteoporosis?

13. What are the common causes of lightheadedness?

14. Alb-bound Rx

15. what can enhance reporting in elderly?

16. Aging principles

17. osteopenia

18. Why is abuse underreported?

19. delirium diagnosis

20. memantine

21. NSAID may lead to what prescription cascade?

22. What is the Cockcroft Gault equation?

23. What are the key points of safe prescription for elderly - lecture

24. How does aging affect pharmacokinetics?

25. osteoporosis

26. How does baroreceptor reflex prevent syncope?

27. when selecting an P1-metabolite or P2-metabolite safer in elderly?

28. ACE inhib + diuretic: interaction outcome

29. How does an 80yo renal fcn compare to that of a 20yo?

30. how can you determine whether Rx is appropriate to use in elderly patient?

31. acute abdomen + atypical Sx

32. What are the risks of uncontrolled ISH?

33. MI + atypical Sx

34. cachexia

35. lipid-soluble Rx

36. Cockcroft Gault equation

37. opioid tx in elderly

38. nutrition syndromes

39. what nutritional interventions help underweight?

40. metoclopramide may lead to what prescription cascade?

41. tube feeding

42. thyroid dx + atypical Sx

43. antiarrhythmic + diuretic: interaction outcome

44. What is the bone deterioration cascade?

45. What are common scenarios of untreated indications in elderly?

46. falls epidemiology

47. how is cachexia different from wasting?

48. frailty

49. What are the 3 stages of ADRs?

50. red flags for further inquiry