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Android Programming

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1. For example - a ____ might be a button that initiates an action when the user touches it.

2. This is a lightweight view with no dimension and doesn't draw anything or participate in the layout.

3. The receiver is triggered whenever the device battery becomes low or exits the low condition by listening for this two.

4. Theseclasses simplify the steps required to enhance your app with powerful platform features or effectively optimize your app performance.

5. This is the simplest way to monitor device state changes.

6. A styleable entity that contains these two custom attributes: showText and labelPosition.

7. Relative to pixels and resolution screen

8. Use this to draw bitmaps.

9. An intermediate state that uses around 50% of the battery power at the full state.

10. This is an interface which is used to pass image data from the camera hardware to the application.

11. This broadcasts an action whenever the device is connected or disconnected from power.

12. Represents the visual representation of an Android application

13. If permissions are missing - the application will get this at runtime.

14. Callback method: The activity is no longer visible

15. It is an HTTP client that is used for applications targeted at Gingerbread and higher.

16. To define custom attributes - add this resources to your project.

17. The most common way to define a layout using views is with an XML layout file saved in your ______

18. For instance - when stopped - your activity should release any large ____ - such as network or database connections.

19. This handles cases like flaky mobile networks - airplane mode - and restricted background data.

20. The ____ lifetime of an activity happens between the call to onStart() and the call to onStop().

21. Theseare a key part of Android applications that directly affect the user experience.

22. It's generally a good idea for one of your APKs to support this texture format as it is supported by all Android-powered devices that support the OpenGL ES 2.0 spec.

23. The easiest way to create an authenticator class is to extend this and implement its abstract methods.

24. This is the most common input event in the Android system.

25. The industry standard way to deal with authentication to third-party services.

26. Where Android is currently primarily developed

27. Binary data is shared using the ACTION_SEND action combined with setting the appropriate MIME type and placing the URI to the data in an extra named called?

28. The entire lifetime of an activity happens between the call to _____ and the call to _____

29. To create an activity - you must create a subclass of

30. Callback method: The activity is being created.

31. In most cases this will offer greater bandwidth at a significantly lower battery cost.

32. It doesn't currently support the <merge/> tag in the layouts to be inflated.

33. Whenever the device is docked or undocked - this action is broadcast.

34. In order for the AccountManager to work with your custom account code - you need this class that implements the interfaces that AccountManager expects.

35. This defines how the SearchView behaves and is defined in a res/xml/searchable.xml file.

36. This is used to fetch the account names that the user has stored on their device.

37. Describes the status of a network interface of a given type (currently either Mobile or Wi-Fi).

38. Callback method: The activity has become visible.

39. If you want your APK to be visible on TVs which are non-touchscreen devices you should add this to your manifest.

40. It typically consumes more energy than 3G - which is in turn more expensive than 2G.

41. The helper method is used to create the final width and height values.

42. To respond to media button clicks - you need to register this in your manifest that listens for this action broadcast.

43. It is a free service for sending messages to Android devices.

44. PieChart exposes a custom event to notify listeners that the user has rotated the pie chart to focus on a new pie slice.

45. Sharing of data in Android is done via________

46. You can reacquire the necessary resources and resume actions that were interrupted. These state transitions are all part of the _________

47. This callback method of the audio focus change listener you registered when requesting audio focus receives a parameter that describes the focus change event.

48. The minimal energy state during which no network connection is active or required.

49. It includes a Detailed Network Usage tab that makes it possible to track when your application is making network requests.

50. Most network-connected Android apps use this to send and receive data.