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Android Programming

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1. This broadcasts all battery and charging details in a sticky Intent that includes the charging status.

2. The ____ lifetime of an activity happens between the call to onCreate() and the call to onDestroy().

3. When a view is created from an XML layout - all of the attributes in the XML tag are read from the resource bundle and passed into the view's constructor as a what?

4. An open source group led by Google

5. This class provides one of the simplest ways to fire off a new task from the UI thread.

6. Used when a connection is active - allowing the device to transfer data at its highest possible rate.

7. This is the most common input event in the Android system.

8. It provides a simple way to perform your work outside the main thread.

9. This class defines abstract methods that you must override so that your database table can be created and upgraded when necessary.

10. Perform background tasks without providing a user interface

11. The Android framework has a large set of these classes for interacting with the user and displaying various types of data.

12. Creating drawing objects within this method significantly reduces performance and can make your UI appear sluggish.

13. Callback method: The activity is being created.

14. This callback method of the audio focus change listener you registered when requesting audio focus receives a parameter that describes the focus change event.

15. Shows the actual amount of memory the application uses

16. Callback method: The activity is no longer visible.

17. When a new activity starts - it is pushed onto the ____ and takes user focus.

18. Theseare a key part of Android applications that directly affect the user experience.

19. On a rooted device - the credentials would be readable by anyone with this access to the device.

20. Allow to combine loosely coupled components to perform certain tasks

21. This class exposes a number of methods for applications to receive location updates.

22. An open source stand alone database

23. This is used to convert raw touch events into gestures.

24. Conversion of XML back to an object

25. The most common way to define a layout using views is with an XML layout file saved in your ______

26. Android request its permission using its ________

27. This is used to fetch the account names that the user has stored on their device.

28. The entire lifetime of an activity happens between the call to _____ and the call to _____

29. This can be used to draw previews of what the camera sensor is picking up.

30. It includes a Detailed Network Usage tab that makes it possible to track when your application is making network requests.

31. Describes the status of a network interface of a given type (currently either Mobile or Wi-Fi).

32. The minimal energy state during which no network connection is active or required.

33. This search feature was introduced in Android 3.0 and can maintain backward compatibility with older versions of Android by using the default search dialog provided by the system.

34. It is used to toggle the enabled state on any component defined in the manifest - including whichever broadcast receivers you wish to enable or disable

35. If permissions are missing - the application will get this at runtime.

36. This is set up to animate for the duration of the fling.

37. It is an HTTP client that is used for applications targeted at Gingerbread and higher.

38. Once a connection has been established - the app uses this method to retrieve the data as an InputStream.

39. This broadcasts an action whenever the device is connected or disconnected from power.

40. is run when running Android on the pc

41. It is a free service for sending messages to Android devices.

42. It is a set of rules for encoding documents in machine-readable form.

43. This class defines methods for drawing text - lines - bitmaps - and many other graphics primitives.

44. The easiest way to create an authenticator class is to extend this and implement its abstract methods.

45. For example - if your activity has a thread running in the background to download data from the network - it might create that thread in _____ and then stop the thread in _____

46. Direct component call in Android

47. If you want your APK to be visible on TVs which are non-touchscreen devices you should add this to your manifest.

48. Sharing of data in Android is done via________

49. This is used to register and de-register your media button event receiver.

50. An _______ is an application component that provides a screen with which users can interact in order to do something - such as dial the phone - take a photo - send an email - or view a map.