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Android Programming

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1. Binary data is shared using the ACTION_SEND action combined with setting the appropriate MIME type and placing the URI to the data in an extra named called?

2. It provides a simple way to perform your work outside the main thread.

3. The minimal energy state during which no network connection is active or required.

4. Android is __________.

5. You can set the layout as the UI for your activity with passing the resource ID for the layout.

6. This broadcasts all battery and charging details in a sticky Intent that includes the charging status.

7. It's generally a good idea for one of your APKs to support this texture format as it is supported by all Android-powered devices that support the OpenGL ES 2.0 spec.

8. Theseclasses simplify the steps required to enhance your app with powerful platform features or effectively optimize your app performance.

9. Shows the actual amount of memory the application uses

10. Evaluation of registered components

11. This is used to register and de-register your media button event receiver.

12. The industry standard way to deal with authentication to third-party services.

13. _____ are views that provide a visual (and interactive) elements for the screen - such as a button - text field - checkbox - or just an image.

14. It is an HTTP client that is used for applications targeted at Gingerbread and higher.

15. Necessary tools to develop Android applications

16. Sharing of data in Android is done via________

17. Callback method: Another activity is taking focus

18. When an activity is stopped because a new activity starts - it is notified of this change in state through the activity's _______ .

19. Creating drawing objects within this method significantly reduces performance and can make your UI appear sluggish.

20. Android request its permission using its ________

21. It is a lightweight mechanism used to transmit data from a server to a particular app instance.

22. Once installed on a device - each Android application lives in its own ______

23. This is an interface which is used to pass image data from the camera hardware to the application.

24. The most common way to define a layout using views is with an XML layout file saved in your ______

25. Are used in activities to create the user interface and to interact with the user.

26. It is a string that defines the specific type of access your app is asking for.

27. Theseare a key part of Android applications that directly affect the user experience.

28. This is the simplest way to monitor device state changes.

29. For instance - when stopped - your activity should release any large ____ - such as network or database connections.

30. Perform background tasks without providing a user interface

31. In most cases this will offer greater bandwidth at a significantly lower battery cost.

32. It made implementing an effective and user friendly share action in your ActionBar even easier.

33. It provides a single value - called an auth token that represents both the user's identity and the application's authorization to act on the user's behalf.

34. Once a connection has been established - the app uses this method to retrieve the data as an InputStream.

35. In order to get a list of accounts on the device - your app needs this permission.

36. For example - a ____ might be a button that initiates an action when the user touches it.

37. It is used to load images in a background thread - then apply them to the UI once finished.

38. Callback method: The activity has become visible.

39. Each activity can then start another activity in order to perform different actions. Each time a new activity starts - the previous activity is stopped - but the system preserves the activity in a ___ .

40. The ____ lifetime of an activity happens between the call to onCreate() and the call to onDestroy().

41. A mode where navigation is set up with a spinner widget.

42. This includes tools to help you identify problems in your layout performance.

43. A styleable entity that contains these two custom attributes: showText and labelPosition.

44. A service in which programmers can offer their Android application to Android users.

45. PieChart exposes a custom event to notify listeners that the user has rotated the pie chart to focus on a new pie slice.

46. Most network-connected Android apps use this to send and receive data.

47. For example - if your activity has a thread running in the background to download data from the network - it might create that thread in _____ and then stop the thread in _____

48. This action is used in sending text content from one activity to another.

49. If permissions are missing - the application will get this at runtime.

50. This search feature was introduced in Android 3.0 and can maintain backward compatibility with older versions of Android by using the default search dialog provided by the system.