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1. Castillo

2. Venus de Milo

3. Madonna of the Long Neck

4. Battle of Issus

5. Chartres Cathedral

6. Aula Palatina

7. Great Zimbabwe

8. Seated Scribe

9. Nefertiti

10. Lord Heathfield Governor of Gibraltar during the Siege of 1779-83

11. The Last Supper

12. The Apotheosis of St. Ignatius

13. Maison Carree

14. Kongo Power Figure

15. Laocoon - Rhodes Sculptors

16. Saint-Sernin

17. Charles I Dismounted

18. The Return from Cythera

19. Teotihuacan Mask

20. Night Watch

21. Hildegard von Bigen's Vision

22. Central panel of Raising of the Cross

23. Tellus Relief

24. Theater - Polykleitos

25. Rottgen Pieta

26. Saturn Devouring One of His Children

27. Plan of St. Gall

28. Akhenaton

29. Sarcophagus from Cerveteri

30. Man in a House Beneath a Cliff

31. The Tetrarchs

32. The Water Carrier of Seville

33. Dionysiac Mystery Frieze

34. Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice - Exekias

35. Maori tattoo

36. Family of Charles IV

37. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

38. Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus

39. Hagia Sophia

40. Pisa Cathedral

41. Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains

42. Spoils from the Temple of Jerusalem from the Arch of Titus

43. Great Friday Mosque

44. Liberty Leading the People

45. The Surrender of Breda

46. Bi with Dragons

47. Colossal Head

48. Royal Portals

49. Ti Watching the Hippopotamus Hunt

50. Creation and Temptation of Adam and Eve