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1. Ixion Room

2. Tellus Relief

3. Ti Watching the Hippopotamus Hunt

4. Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes

5. Rottgen Pieta

6. Salisbury Cathedral

7. Walls of the Temple of the Sun

8. Death of Marat

9. Good Shepherd

10. Augustus of Primaporta

11. Mayan Head

12. Haniwa Figure

13. Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains

14. Ise Shrine

15. Maori tattoo

16. Army of Emperor Shi Huangdi

17. Toreador Fresco

18. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

19. Nike adjusting Her Sandal - Temple of Athena Nike

20. Constantine

21. Equestarian Statue of a Carolingian Ruler

22. Old Saint Peter's

23. Peplos Kore

24. Nefertiti

25. Bi with Dragons

26. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

27. Saint-Sernin

28. Saint Matthew from the Book of Lindisfarne

29. Corbelled Gallery

30. Athena - Herakles - and Atlas from the Temple of Zeus

31. David

32. Palatine Chapel

33. Pueblo Bonito

34. The Discus Thrower -Myron

35. Parewahawaha Marea

36. Akhenaton

37. The Breakfast Scene from Marriage a la Mode

38. Villa Rotonda

39. King Tutankhamen

40. Pantocrator

41. Benin Head of a Woman

42. Dying Gaul

43. Suzuki Harunobu

44. Apollo from Veii

45. Venus - Cupid - Folly - and Time

46. Central panel of Raising of the Cross

47. Saint Basil's Cathedral - Barma and Postnik

48. Pantheon

49. San Giorgio Maggiore

50. Self-Portrait