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1. Saint Michael the Archangel

2. Blue Boy

3. Purse Cover from Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

4. Corbelled Gallery

5. Ti Watching the Hippopotamus Hunt

6. Augustus of Primaporta

7. Liberty Leading the People

8. The Last Supper

9. Venus de Milo

10. Kouros

11. Colossal Head

12. Senusret III

13. Bishop Bernward Doors

14. Royal Portals

15. Sarah Siddons as a Tragic Muse

16. Moche ceramic

17. Old Saint Peter's

18. Ixion Room

19. The Erecthion

20. Kritios Boy

21. Akhenaton

22. Spring fresco

23. Rock Cut Tombs of Beni Hasan

24. Temple of Ramses II

25. Old Testament Trinity

26. Laocoon - Rhodes Sculptors

27. Teotihuacan Mask

28. Palatine Chapel

29. Virgin of Paris

30. Benin Head of a Woman

31. Still Life with Peaches

32. Lord Heathfield Governor of Gibraltar during the Siege of 1779-83

33. Family of Charles IV

34. Alhambra - Hall of the Two Sisters

35. Marcus Aurelius

36. Hadrian's Villa

37. Apollo and Daphne

38. Death of the Virgin

39. Good Shepherd

40. San Giorgio Maggiore

41. Good Shepherd mosaic from the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

42. Market of Trajan

43. Toreador Fresco

44. Versailles Palace

45. Pueblo Bonito

46. The Apotheosis of St. Ignatius

47. Pergamon Altar

48. Apollo from Veii

49. Three Goddesses - from the Parthenon

50. Great Mosque