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1. Constantine

2. Phoenix Hall

3. Salisbury Cathedral

4. Calling of Saint Matthew

5. Saint Basil's Cathedral - Barma and Postnik

6. Gods and Giants from the Siphnian Treasury

7. Entombment

8. Venus de Milo

9. Durham Cathedral

10. Pont du Gard

11. Purse Cover from Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

12. King Tutankhamen

13. Santa Costanza

14. Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus

15. Third of May 1808

16. The Burning of the Sanjo Palace

17. Stepped Pyramid of King Djoser

18. San Vitale

19. Athena - Herakles - and Atlas from the Temple of Zeus

20. Hagia Sophia

21. Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice - Exekias

22. Central panel of Raising of the Cross

23. House of the Vetti

24. Good Shepherd

25. Ixion Room

26. Khafre

27. Monastery Churches

28. The Burial of Count Orgaz

29. Still Life

30. Chi-Rho-Iota Page from the Book of Kells

31. Venus - Cupid - Folly - and Time

32. Machu Picchu

33. Still Life with Peaches

34. Family of Charles IV

35. Narmer Palette

36. Moche ceramic

37. Mosque of Selim II -Sinan

38. Palace at Knossos

39. Colossal Head

40. Veristic Roman Busts

41. Abbey Church of St.Michael's

42. Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes

43. Marie de' Medici Cycle

44. Procession from the Ara Pacis

45. Apollo and Daphne

46. The Return from Cythera

47. Engraving after Et in Arcadia Ego

48. Sarah Siddons as a Tragic Muse

49. Dionysiac Mystery Frieze

50. Scraper - Lyssipos