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1. The Conversion of St. Paul

2. Great Pyramids

3. Tellus Relief

4. Saint Michael the Archangel

5. Lord Heathfield Governor of Gibraltar during the Siege of 1779-83

6. Creation and Temptation of Adam and Eve

7. Self-Portrait

8. Cliff Palace

9. Saint Matthew from the Book of Lindisfarne

10. Calling of Saint Matthew

11. Justinian and Attendants

12. Animal Head Post from Oseberg Ship Burial

13. Toreador Fresco

14. Kangaroo

15. Good Shepherd

16. Iktinos and Kallikrates - The Parthenon

17. Scraper - Lyssipos

18. Mosque of Selim II -Sinan

19. Durham Cathedral

20. Colossal Head

21. Las Meninas

22. Shaka Triad

23. Spear Bearer -Polykleitos

24. Hadrian's Villa

25. Pueblo Bonito

26. Nike adjusting Her Sandal - Temple of Athena Nike

27. Self-Portrait

28. Ixion Room

29. Maison Carree

30. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

31. San Giorgio Maggiore

32. The Morgan Madonna

33. The Swing

34. Temple of Amen-Re

35. Corbelled Gallery

36. The Burial of Count Orgaz

37. Synagogue of Dura Europos

38. The Last Supper

39. Monastery Churches

40. Marcus Aurelius

41. House of the Vetti

42. Liberty Leading the People

43. Bisj Poles

44. San Vitale

45. Venus de Milo

46. Bishop Bernward Doors

47. Pont du Gard

48. Blue Boy

49. Great Friday Mosque

50. Charles I Dismounted