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Subjects : fine-arts, ap, history
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1. Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice - Exekias

2. Still Life with Peaches

3. Ixion Room

4. Parewahawaha Marea

5. Kangaroo

6. Lorsch Gatehouse

7. Peplos Kore

8. Veristic Roman Busts

9. Seated Scribe

10. Saint-Denis

11. Procession from the Ara Pacis

12. The Colosseum

13. Teotihuacan Mask

14. Spear Bearer -Polykleitos

15. Bi with Dragons

16. Coatlicue

17. The Apotheosis of St. Ignatius

18. Durham Cathedral

19. Saint Mark's Cathedral

20. Hadrian's Villa

21. Haniwa Figure

22. Saint Michael the Archangel

23. King Tutankhamen

24. Last Judgment

25. Augustus of Primaporta

26. Madonna of the Long Neck

27. Old Testament Trinity

28. Animal Head Post from Oseberg Ship Burial

29. Harbaville Triptych

30. Charles I Dismounted

31. Old Saint Peter's

32. Las Meninas

33. Great Friday Mosque

34. Family of Charles IV

35. Machu Picchu

36. Capitoline Wolf

37. Salisbury Cathedral

38. Dying Gaul

39. Officers of the Haarlem Militia Company of Saint Adrian

40. Marie de' Medici Cycle

41. Venus de Milo

42. Third of May 1808

43. Pyramid of the Sun

44. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

45. Apollo and Daphne

46. Bare Willows and Distant Mountains

47. Saint Paul's

48. Treasury of Atreus

49. Spring fresco

50. Chartres Cathedral