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AP Physics Formulas

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1. force a charge in a Bfield

2. new wavelength of light as it enters a new substance

3. isometric

4. formula for impulse involving momentum

5. the force on a charge in an electric field

6. formula equating energy and mass

7. heat during a cyclic process (net heat)

8. second kinematic

9. formula for charge stored in a capciator

10. first kinematic

11. formula for efficiency of a heat engine using work out

12. formula for change in internal energy in a cosnstat volume PV process

13. third kinematic

14. formula for finding the work function of a metal if the cutoff frequency is known

15. formula for torque

16. energy of a photon if wavelength is known

17. formula for finding the qacceleration due to gravity at the surface of a planet of mass M and diameter d

18. what direction is friction?

19. adibatic

20. formula for Carnot efficiency

21. electric potential a distance r from a charge

22. type of collision where objects stick togerther

23. formula for efficiency not using work out

24. force of friction

25. energy stored in a capacitor

26. radius of curvature of a charged particle as it enters a uniform magnetic field

27. velocity of an electrion as it exitws from the hole

28. pressure

29. formula relating voltage and electric field

30. formula used to find the heat generated by a resistor after a certain amount of time if the current through the resistor is known

31. force of gravity between two objects of mass m

32. the units of power other than watts

33. resistance of a wire

34. new frequency of light as it enters a new substance

35. electric field in a distance r from a charge

36. formula for height of the block (at the start of a pendulum string) in terms of theta and L

37. type of collision where K is not conserved

38. formula for power with Voltage and resistance

39. velocity of a molecule of gas

40. formula for current through the resistor when the ten coils are removed from the B field in an amount of time t

41. formula to find the absoluate pressure at the bottom of a pool

42. work energy theorum

43. formula for constructive interference in a diffraction grating

44. formula for the wavelength (debroglie wavelength) of a moving particle

45. units for voltage other than volts

46. formula for critical angle

47. formula for finding magnetic flux

48. formula for impluse involving time

49. equation of continuity

50. heat required to melt a substance