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AP Physics Formulas

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1. snells law

2. lens/mirror equation

3. formula for torque

4. force a charge in a Bfield

5. the units of power other than watts

6. type of collision where K is conserved

7. heat during an isometric process

8. formula for centripetal acceleration

9. energy of a photon if wavelength is known

10. formula relating voltage and electric field

11. pressure

12. heat during a cyclic process (net heat)

13. force of gravity between two objects of mass m

14. total capacitance of capacitors in series

15. formula equating energy and mass

16. units for voltage other than volts

17. formula for finding the momentum of a photon

18. forgotten power equation

19. the electric force between two objects of charge Q

20. formula for power with current and resistance

21. natural frequency of a closed tube of length L

22. second kinematic

23. the units of current other than amps

24. formula for the wavelength (debroglie wavelength) of a moving particle

25. isobaric

26. magnification equation

27. electric potential a distance r from a charge

28. new frequency of light as it enters a new substance

29. formula for constructive interference in a diffraction grating

30. isothermal

31. formula for energy of a spring mass when spring is at maximum displacement

32. formula to find the absoluate pressure at the bottom of a pool

33. formula for constructive interference in a thin membrane with two phase changes

34. change in internal energy during a cyclic process

35. resistance of a wire

36. formula to find the gauge pressure at the bottom of a pool

37. EMF of a battery having internal resistance R

38. type of collision where K is not conserved

39. adibatic

40. formula for change in internal energy in a cosnstat volume PV process

41. force of frction on an incline

42. radius of curvature of a charged particle as it enters a uniform magnetic field

43. formula for finding the energy required to move a charged particle from infinity to a point a certain distance away from a charged particle

44. heat required to melt a substance

45. what direction is friction?

46. formula for period of a pendulum

47. new wavelength of light as it enters a new substance

48. first kinematic

49. force of friction

50. formula for height of the block (at the start of a pendulum string) in terms of theta and L