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Autodesk Revit Architecture

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1. A copy of the project file that resides on the computer system of the team member who is working on the file. When worksharing is used to distribute project work among team members - each member uses a ______ to work on his or her workset (functional

2. A menu of context-sensitive options. A ______ displays when you right-click an element or view.

3. Categories of elements that are derived from an imported drawing. You can change the visibility and graphic display of ______ through the visibility graphics menu.

4. A set of horizontal planes that control the visibility and display of objects in a view. The horizontal planes are Top Clip Plane - Cut Plane - Bottom Clip Plane - and View Depth. Elements outside the ______ do not display in the view.

5. In Revit Architecture - the adjacent materials of a compound structure - such as a wall. You can define the ______ in a compound structure.

6. (1) For elements that can slope (including roofs - ramps - floors - and ceilings) - the upper end of the slope. For example - in the following illustration - the ______ is the upper end of the sloped floor. (2) In Revit Architecture - the symbol that

7. An Autodesk product. ______ is a building design and documentation system that uses building information modeling to coordinate changes across all aspects of an architecture project.

8. To change the magnification of a view. In a 3D context - ______ moves the camera in and out. In a 2D context - ______ moves up and down perpendicular to the view. To ______ in is to increase the magnification - making the building appear larger. To _

9. Stairs that consist of one solid piece of material - such as concrete. In Revit Architecture - you can specify that stairs are ______ in the stair type properties. You can also specify the material for ______.

10. A user interface mechanism that defines the boundaries of a view. Elements in the building model that are outside the ______ do not display in the view or on a sheet on which the view is placed. In the following floor plan view - the inner - solid re

11. A web service that lets you search for - download - and integrate product and design information into your drawing. You can also publish families to the ______ website to make them available for other designers to incorporate into their designs.

12. A graphic style applied to an element when a view (such as a section view) cuts through the element - so that you are seeing a representation of its interior surface. For the ______ of an element - you can specify the line weight - color - and patter

13. A graphic design for surfaces that are cut or shown in projection. You can use ______ for model patterns and drafting patterns.

14. A graphical icon in the Revit drawing area that you ______ to change the shape or size of an element in the building model. When you select an element - Revit Architecture displays it's ______ as blue circles or triangles.

15. A user interface mechanism that allows you to manipulate and activate a view that has been placed on a sheet. When you activate a view through a ______ - you can edit the model directly on the sheet.

16. A view-specific element that shows the size of an element or shows distances between elements or points in a building model. As you place an element - Revit Architecture displays temporary ______ so that you can place the element accurately. You can

17. A graphic (shaped like a cloud) that indicates changes in a construction document. In Revit Architecture - you can sketch ______ in all views except 3D views. The cloud is visible only in the view in which it is sketched.

18. A set of colors and fill patterns used to graphically designate rooms or areas in a floor plan. You can apply ______ based on any parameter value for a room or area. For example - if you want to color rooms by department - set the Department paramete

19. An annotation that indicates the distance between 2 points or elements in a building model. In Revit Architecture - you can change the points or elements that are used as references for a ______. You can also control the gap between the ______ and th

20. A horizontal plane that represents ground level in a building model. In Revit Architecture - you can specify the ground plane when creating a solar study for 2D and 3D views.

21. Open Database Connectivity. ______ is a general export tool that works in conjunction with many software drivers. You can export information about model elements in a Revit project to an ______ database.

22. A Revit feature that allows you to specify a value for a dimension as you sketch an element in a view. You specify a start point for the element - start sketching in the desired direction - type the exact dimension desired - and press Enter. Revit Ar

23. A collection of predefined resources that you can use in a Revit project. For example - you can access ______ of templates - detail components - entourage - materials - and families of model elements and annotation elements. Revit Architecture provid

24. An end of a wall that does not join to another wall. The unjoined end of the wall is exposed. You can specify whether compound wall layers wrap at ______. For example - the following image shows a cross-section of a compound wall that uses interior w

25. A Revit function for workshared projects. ______ allows you to edit an element in a workset that you do not own. If another team member is currently editing the workset - that team member is the owner of the workset and you must place a request to bo

26. The point in the distance at which a camera is aimed or directed.

27. A model graphics style in which Revit Architecture shows the image with all surfaces shaded according to their material color settings and project light locations. A default light source provides illumination for the ______ elements.

28. A mechanism for determining which elements are selected (for modification or manipulation) based on their family types or element parameters.

29. A group of elements that you use to model or document a building design. For example - ______ of model elements include walls - windows - columns - and beams. ______ of annotation elements include dimensions - tags - and text notes. ______ are organi

30. A subdivision within a family of elements. For example - the family of Concrete Round Columns is further divided into ______ such as Concrete Round 18" - Concrete Round 24" - and Concrete Round 30".

31. Part of a plan view that has a different view range from the overall view. ______ are useful for split level plans or for displaying inserts above or below the cut plane.

32. A tabular display of information. In Revit Architecture - a ______ is extracted from the properties of elements in a project. It is displayed in a ______ view. Using Revit Architecture - you can create many types of ______ - including quantities - ma

33. A curved line drawn by specifying and positioning a number of points. Revit Architecture uses a mathematical polynomial function to smoothly join the segments at these points - creating the curved line.

34. A drafting term that refers to rounding a square corner - using a radius to define the curve.

35. A project view that shows details not directly associated with the building model. For example - a ______ can show how carpet transitions to tile - or details of a roof drain. A ______ typically shows construction details that may not be apparent in

36. Available in the conceptual design environment - ______ mode is a transparent view that displays the underlying geometric skeleton of a form.

37. A Revit element that contains all objects (such as blocks and xrefs) from an imported drawing. When you move the cursor over the imported objects - Revit Architecture shows information about the ______. You can explode an ______ to convert it into in

38. A horizontal plane that helps to define the view range in a floor plan or reflected ceiling plan. By default - the ______ is the same as the bottom clip plane. However - you can specify the ______ to show elements (such as foundation footings) below

39. (1) A point in the current view that you can use for positioning or dimensioning a model element. When you move the cursor near a ______ - Revit Architecture displays a temporary dimension between the element being placed and the ______. To display d

40. A non-physical item that is used to establish project context. ______ include levels - grids - and reference planes. For example - the following image shows a grid - which is used for the placement of columns and other model elements. The grid is not

41. A unique identifier that you assign to an element in its properties. You can include ______ in schedules and tag labels. For example - the following site plan shows ______ for individual parking spaces. These ______ are also listed in the parking sch

42. Representations of AutoCAD objects. Revit Architecture supports ______ from AutoCAD files. Unlike AutoCAD objects - ______ have no intelligence.

43. Pre-built components - such as cabinets and cupboards for a kitchen or bathroom. Revit Architecture provides family types for ______.

44. A group of view-specific elements - such as text and filled regions.

45. A set of characteristics that define the line weight - line color - line pattern - and material for a category of model elements - annotation elements - or imported objects in a project.

46. A symbolic representation of a material in a drawing. (For example - sand is represented by a stipple pattern.) You can place ______ on flat and cylindrical surfaces - and you can define them for families. You can also place ______ on cut component s

47. A setting that determines the appearance or behavior of an element - type - or view. Also called a property.

48. Reference planes are displayed in the conceptual design environment in the 3-dimensional views.

49. The framed hole (opening) in a wall into which a manufactured window or door is installed. In Revit Architecture - you can specify the height and width of the ______ for a window type or door type.

50. A series of dashes or dots alternating with blank spaces. In the building industry - construction documents often use different line style conventions to convey information and to differentiate one line from another. For example - dimensions may use