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Autodesk Revit Architecture

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1. Part of the Revit interface that displays information about what is highlighted or selected - or hints on what to do next. The ______ is located in the lower left corner of the Revit window.

2. An Autodesk feature that allows you to drag and drop content from a web page into a Revit session. Using ______ - designers and developers have the power to create web pages that can easily be dragged and dropped into Autodesk design products that ar

3. To shorten selected elements to meet a specified boundary.

4. A Revit family that can be used as a building block for creating families. Revit Architecture provides ______ for floors - walls - ceilings - roofs - drawing sheets - viewports - and other elements. You cannot delete ______.

5. In Revit Architecture - the adjacent materials of a compound structure - such as a wall. You can define the ______ in a compound structure.

6. A model graphics style in which Revit Architecture displays the image of the model with all edges and lines drawn - but no surfaces.

7. A collection of elements in a workshared project that can be worked on independently. A ______ is typically a discrete functional area - such as interior - exterior - or site. When you enable worksharing - you can divide a project into ______ - with

8. Part of a plan view that has a different view range from the overall view. ______ are useful for split level plans or for displaying inserts above or below the cut plane.

9. A graphical icon in the Revit drawing area that you ______ to change the shape or size of an element in the building model. When you select an element - Revit Architecture displays it's ______ as blue circles or triangles.

10. Representations of AutoCAD objects. Revit Architecture supports ______ from AutoCAD files. Unlike AutoCAD objects - ______ have no intelligence.

11. The settings used in a project that you want to apply to another project. ______ include family types - line weights - materials - view templates - and object styles.

12. A representation of a building model. A Revit project file contains a database of information about a building model - and a ______ is one way of looking at that information. The Project Browser lists the views available for a project. These can incl

13. The structural part of a compound wall or other host element. When you use Revit Architecture to design a compound wall - you specify the layers and materials that compose the ______ of the wall - as well as the interior and exterior layers of the wa

14. A text placeholder added to tags or title blocks. You create a ______ as part of a tag or title block family while in the Family Editor. When you place the tag or title block in the project - you replace the ______ with the actual value for that inst

15. A set of connected straight line segments. Polylines typically define open loops.

16. In an animation - a single image (for example - in a walkthrough animation or a solar study). In a building - a rigid structure built into a wall to hold a door - window - or other component. In Revit Architecture - you can specify the material and f

17. A project view or imported file that you use to help position elements in the current view. For example - when you use a section view as an ______ to a detail view - model elements in the detail view display in halftone or a different line weight and

18. Non-uniform rational B-spline. A mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for representing and generating curves and surfaces. In Revit Architecture - you can create roofs and curtain systems on ______.

19. An element in a building model that represents actual 3D geometry. For example - walls - windows - doors - and roofs are ______. For example - the following image shows only ______. It does not include annotation elements (such as dimensions or text

20. A Revit tool that automates the creation of stairs based on a specified minimum tread depth and maximum riser height.

21. Available in the conceptual design environment - ______ mode is a transparent view that displays the underlying geometric skeleton of a form.

22. A defined set of elements that can be placed as a unit in a building design. ______ elements is useful when you need to create entities that represent repeating units or are common to many building projects (for example - hotel rooms - apartments - o

23. Vegetation used to create a landscape around a building design. Revit Architecture provides a library of ______ families. You can also create or download additional plants.

24. A visualization tool that you use to create a 3D view of a building model. When you place a camera in a 2D view - you can control the target point - the ______ level - and the focal point of the ______. The following views show a camera positioned in

25. An intersection of 2 or more walls. In Revit Architecture - you can specify the type of join between walls.

26. An annotation that consists of text and may include a leader line and arrow. You can add ______ to a detail view - drafting view - or a sheet.

27. A family that consists of instances of other families (subcomponents). The subcomponents can belong to the same category (for example - various window types) or different categories (for example - an exterior door and two lighting fixtures). You crea

28. A parameter that defines a relationship between elements in a building design. For example - you can specify the top ______ for a wall as Level 2. If Level 2 moves upward - the height of the wall increases to maintain the relationship.

29. The gross building area plan at ground level that is exported to an ADSK file when exporting a building site to a civil engineering application - such as AutoCAD Civil 3D.

30. To divide a single object into multiple objects or sections. In a Revit project - you can ______ walls - lines - faces - toposurfaces - layers in vertically compound walls - and schedules using various ______ tools.

31. Rich Photorealistic Content. The file type for ArchVision realpeople and other objects - which can be loaded into Revit Architecture as an entourage family - for use in rendered images.

32. A construction document that has been reviewed and revised or commented on (marked up). Typically - the reviewer is the project designer - a client - or another building professional. When you export construction documents as DWF files - the files ca

33. A user interface mechanism that allows you to manipulate and activate a view that has been placed on a sheet. When you activate a view through a ______ - you can edit the model directly on the sheet.

34. An Autodesk product. ______ optimizes mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems engineering through data-driven system sizing and design. It provides a building information modeling design and documentation solution for MEP engineering.

35. A graphic design for surfaces that are cut or shown in projection. You can use ______ for model patterns and drafting patterns.

36. The North/South and East/West coordinates of an individual point with respect to the shared coordinate system for a group of linked Revit projects.

37. A file format for fill patterns. A pattern file is a text file that contains definitions for model or drafting patterns in a project.

38. A set of horizontal planes that control the visibility and display of objects in a view. The horizontal planes are Top Clip Plane - Cut Plane - Bottom Clip Plane - and View Depth. Elements outside the ______ do not display in the view.

39. The proportional system used to represent objects in a drawing. In Revit Architecture - you can assign a different ______ to each view.

40. A photorealistic image of a building model used to evaluate the impact of natural light and shadows on the buildings and site.

41. Autodesk Exchange File - the file format used by Autodesk applications to transmit design information.

42. A joint at a 45-degree angle - or evenly angled between the joined elements. ______ can apply to walls - wall sweeps - railings - structural floors - roof fascia - curtain wall mullions - and other model elements. When 2 walls join - you can edit the

43. A table that provides descriptions or information about symbols used in drawings. In Revit Architecture - you can create a ______ and include it on multiple sheets.

44. The amount of rotation at an axis caused by downward force applied to a beam at a distance from its supporting members. A ______ connection is a connection that is designed to transfer ______ and other forces between a beam and its supporting members

45. User-defined fields that you add to multiple categories of elements - sheets - or views in a project. These ______ are specific to the project and cannot be shared with other projects. For example - you can create a ______ named Approved By for views

46. To display only a certain element or type of element - so that you can work with it in a particular view without being distracted by other elements in the design.

47. The process of disassembling an import symbol (which represents imported geometry) into its next highest level of elements: nested import symbols. A ______ yields more import symbols - which - in turn - can be exploded into elements or other import s

48. A symbolic representation of a material in a drawing. (For example - sand is represented by a stipple pattern.) You can place ______ on flat and cylindrical surfaces - and you can define them for families. You can also place ______ on cut component s

49. A list of changes made to a building design or construction document. A ______ displays in the title block of a sheet. As you add views with revision clouds to sheets - the ______ updates with information about the corresponding revisions.

50. A representation of a building model that simulates a person walking through the model along a defined path. The following ______ view shows the ______ path in red.