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Autodesk Revit Architecture

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1. Stairs that consist of one solid piece of material - such as concrete. In Revit Architecture - you can specify that stairs are ______ in the stair type properties. You can also specify the material for ______.

2. The structural part of a compound wall or other host element. When you use Revit Architecture to design a compound wall - you specify the layers and materials that compose the ______ of the wall - as well as the interior and exterior layers of the wa

3. A Revit tool that automates the creation of stairs based on a specified minimum tread depth and maximum riser height.

4. A collection of elements in a workshared project that can be worked on independently. A ______ is typically a discrete functional area - such as interior - exterior - or site. When you enable worksharing - you can divide a project into ______ - with

5. To change the magnification of a view. In a 3D context - ______ moves the camera in and out. In a 2D context - ______ moves up and down perpendicular to the view. To ______ in is to increase the magnification - making the building appear larger. To _

6. The parent view of a callout or section; that is - the view from which a callout or section originates. The referencing sheet is the sheet on which the ______ displays. The referencing detail corresponds to the detail number assigned to a callout or

7. A linked set of lines or walls. When drawing walls or lines in a building model - you can simplify the process by drawing a ______. You can also select a ______ of lines or walls to manipulate them simultaneously.

8. In Revit Architecture - a section of a curtain wall or a curtain system. ______ are separated by mullions. ______ can consist of glass or different types of walls.

9. A master project file for a model on which multiple team members are working. The model can be subdivided into functional areas (worksets) - such as interior - exterior - and site. The ______ stores the current ownership information for all elements

10. To change the size of a model element. For example - in Revit Architecture you can ______ a wall or a foundation to adjust to changing specifications.

11. An open schema created to help building designers gather information about the energy consumption characteristics of building projects. To perform energy analysis for a building model - you can export a Revit project to ______. Using a third-party ap

12. A vertical or horizontal plane that defines a boundary for a view. You can use top - bottom - left - and right ______ to define a view. In elevation and section views - you can also use a far ______ to define the depth of the view. Green dotted lines

13. A model graphics style in which Revit Architecture displays the image of the model with all edges and lines drawn - but no surfaces.

14. An Autodesk product. ______ integrates a physical model for layout - coordination - and documentation with an independently editable analytical model for building design and analysis. Using a single building information model and dynamic linking to t

15. A 2D drawing of a building model that shows the layout of walls - rooms - and other building components. A floor ______ presents a view of the building as though you are looking down on it from above - with the roof and intervening levels removed. A

16. A file format for fill patterns. A pattern file is a text file that contains definitions for model or drafting patterns in a project.

17. A graphic design that is applied to the surface of a model element. ______ represent the actual appearance of an element - such as brick coursing or ceramic tile on a wall. They are fixed with respect to the model and scale with the model.

18. A column that adds architectural interest to a building. An ______ can be used to model box-outs around structural columns and for decorative applications.

19. In Revit Architecture - a vertical or horizontal strip between panels of a curtain wall or curtain system.

20. Coordinate plotting grids for non-planar surfaces. Plotting locations in a 3D space is based on an XYZ coordinate system - while 2D Space is based on an XY system. Since surfaces are not necessarily planar - the UVW coordinate system is used to plot

21. The graphic design (fill pattern) used to represent a surface when shown in projection.

22. To choose an object in the drawing area. Many of the controls and tools that you use to modify an element in the drawing area are available only when an element is ______. In Revit Architecture - a ______ element displays in the ______ color - and co

23. Categories of elements that are derived from an imported drawing. You can change the visibility and graphic display of ______ through the visibility graphics menu.

24. The beginning of a sketched line.

25. A list of all instances of annotations (Also referred to as an annotation schedule). Note blocks are useful for listing notes that are applied to elements in a project.

26. A design methodology that maintains a single database of information about a building design. All information for a building design - from geometry to construction data - is stored in a project file. This information includes components used to desig

27. A copy of a view. Use ______ when a view of the building model is too large to display on a single sheet - and you need to divide the model into smaller segments that fit on the sheets. The ______ remains synchronous with the primary view and other d

28. A wall that consists of multiple vertical layers. Each layer can use a different material (such as concrete - insulation - and interior finish) and have a different function (such as structure - thermal layer - and substrate).

29. A wall that is inserted into another wall of a different type or construction. ______ are useful - for example - when you need to create a storefront on a building exterior. The following image shows a curtain wall embedded in a host wall.

30. An open file format that is supported by many CAD applications. A ______ file is a text file that describes a 2D drawing. The text is not encoded or compressed - so ______ files are generally large. Revit Architecture can import and export DXF files.

31. A user interface mechanism that defines the slope of a roof - floor - or ceiling plane - using a line in the direction of the slope. Use a ______ when you know the height at the top and bottom of the object's plane rather than the slope. For example

32. A line that is used to create a detail drawing. A ______ is visible only in the view in which it is drawn. You can use ______ as follows: To detail a view with part of the model visible - such as in a wall section or callout - In a drafting view to d

33. The amount of material that must be excavated and removed from a site to prepare it for construction. For example - in the following drawing - the red area indicates the ______ - and the blue area indicates the fill volume required to level the site

34. (1) The intersection where 2 or more elements share a common face. (2) To resolve intersections between elements that share a common face. The level of detail for the view determines the detail of the ______ geometry that is shown. The following imag

35. A construction document. In Revit Architecture - you place project views on ______ to create a construction document set.

36. A model element that exists in 3D space and is visible in all views of a Revit project. You can use ______ to represent 3D geometry in a building design - such as cords or cables that secure a tarp. You can sketch straight - curved - arc - circular -

37. A model graphics style in which Revit Architecture hides the lines of elements that are obscured by other surfaces.

38. An exterior wall consisting of panels connected by joints or mullions. The panels can be made of glass - brick - or other materials.

39. A method of annotating drawings to identify building materials - describe assembly instructions - or provide special instructions or explanations. ______ help to standardize information related to the building design and can help reduce clutter in dr

40. A sketched line that connects to itself - creating a 2-dimensional shape. A ______ cannot contain coincident or intersecting segments. In Revit Architecture - you sketch ______ to create floors - ceilings - plan regions - openings in walls and roofs

41. Solid geometry that turns (revolves) around an axis. For example - you can use the Revolve tool to design a dome roof - a column - or door knobs.

42. An annotation that indicates the distance between 2 points or elements in a building model. In Revit Architecture - you can change the points or elements that are used as references for a ______. You can also control the gap between the ______ and th

43. In a 3D context - ______ moves the camera left and right. In a 2D context - ______ scrolls the view. If you are using ______ with an active view on a sheet - ______ scrolls the sheet view - not the active view on the sheet.

44. A group of view-specific elements that are associated with a model group. For example - an ______ may be comprised of door tags and window tags.

45. Arranged along a radius or arc. In Revit Architecture - when you create a ______ array - the elements in the array are arranged along a curve.

46. A horizontal or vertical projection from a wall - often decorative in nature. Examples of ______ include baseboards and crown molding.

47. A table that provides descriptions or information about symbols used in drawings. In Revit Architecture - you can create a ______ and include it on multiple sheets.

48. An annotation that consists of text and may include a leader line and arrow. You can add ______ to a detail view - drafting view - or a sheet.

49. A column that supports a vertical load in addition to its own weight.

50. A model graphics style in which Revit Architecture shows the image with all surfaces shaded according to their material color settings and project light locations - and with all non-occluded edges drawn. A default light source provides illumination f