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Autodesk Revit Architecture

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1. An end of a wall that does not join to another wall. The unjoined end of the wall is exposed. You can specify whether compound wall layers wrap at ______. For example - the following image shows a cross-section of a compound wall that uses interior w

2. A functional area (such as structural - mechanical - electrical - or architectural) - or an area of expertise (such as architecture - structural engineering - or construction). In a Revit project - you can assign ______ to categories and to views. Yo

3. To change the magnification of a view. In a 3D context - ______ moves the camera in and out. In a 2D context - ______ moves up and down perpendicular to the view. To ______ in is to increase the magnification - making the building appear larger. To _

4. A linked set of lines or walls. When drawing walls or lines in a building model - you can simplify the process by drawing a ______. You can also select a ______ of lines or walls to manipulate them simultaneously.

5. A collection of predefined resources that you can use in a Revit project. For example - you can access ______ of templates - detail components - entourage - materials - and families of model elements and annotation elements. Revit Architecture provid

6. To choose an object in the drawing area. Many of the controls and tools that you use to modify an element in the drawing area are available only when an element is ______. In Revit Architecture - a ______ element displays in the ______ color - and co

7. Controlled by parameters. In a Revit project - parameters define the relationships between elements of the building model. These relationships are created automatically by Revit Architecture and by you as you create the design. As you work in drawing

8. A set of spatial relationships in a building. For example - in an office building - you may want to distinguish between common space (such as lobbies - hallways - rest rooms - and kitchens) - office space - and storage. In an apartment building - you

9. A dimension that specifies a particular size for an element or a distance between elements or points. ______ always display in the view in which they are created. You can lock ______ so that they cannot be changed without first unlocking them. You ca

10. Text that documents a building model. ______ are usually related to a parameter for a model element or type. You can create ______ families and nest them inside host model families - so that the annotations display in the project. This is useful if y

11. A horizontal or vertical projection from a wall - often decorative in nature. Examples of ______ include baseboards and crown molding.

12. Available in the conceptual design environment - ______ mode is a transparent view that displays the underlying geometric skeleton of a form.

13. Open Database Connectivity. ______ is a general export tool that works in conjunction with many software drivers. You can export information about model elements in a Revit project to an ______ database.

14. A wall that supports no additional vertical load except its own weight. ______ can be used to define and divide spaces in Revit Architecture.

15. To transfer a file or a collection of information from an outside location into a Revit project. In Revit Architecture - you can ______ groups - templates - detail components - entourage - materials - families of model elements and annotation element

16. A display color that blends the line color of an element with the background color of the view. For example - the following image shows some elements in ______ (gray) and others in black. You can specify the ______ display properties using the Visibi

17. The file type for a Revit project template.

18. A 2D element that you can add to a detail view or a drafting view. For example - you may want to add a metal stud or a shim to a drafting view. Revit Architecture provides over 500 ______ families - based on 16 CSI divisions. You can also create your

19. Project coordinates that are used for remembering the mutual positions of multiple interlinked files. Those interlinked files can be all RVT files - or a combination of RVT - DWG - and DXF files.

20. A Revit setting that determines the amount of geometry displayed in a view. ______ settings include coarse - medium - and fine - where coarse shows the least detail and fine shows the most detail. The following image illustrates the 3 ______ for a de

21. A sample patch of a color or pattern. When you apply a color scheme to rooms - the floor plan can display a color scheme legend - which indicates the colors and what they represent. The color scheme legend includes color ______.

22. A master project file for a model on which multiple team members are working. The model can be subdivided into functional areas (worksets) - such as interior - exterior - and site. The ______ stores the current ownership information for all elements

23. Stairs that consist of one solid piece of material - such as concrete. In Revit Architecture - you can specify that stairs are ______ in the stair type properties. You can also specify the material for ______.

24. An exterior wall consisting of panels connected by joints or mullions. The panels can be made of glass - brick - or other materials.

25. A model element that can exist in a building model only if sponsored by another (host) element. Doors - windows - model lines - and components (such as furniture) are ______.

26. A graphic (shaped like a cloud) that indicates changes in a construction document. In Revit Architecture - you can sketch ______ in all views except 3D views. The cloud is visible only in the view in which it is sketched.

27. A model graphics style in which Revit Architecture shows the image with all surfaces shaded according to their material color settings and project light locations - and with all non-occluded edges drawn. A default light source provides illumination f

28. A graphic design for surfaces that are cut or shown in projection. You can use ______ for model patterns and drafting patterns.

29. A 2-dimensional plane used when designing families of model elements or placing elements in a building model.

30. In Revit Architecture - a section of a curtain wall or a curtain system. ______ are separated by mullions. ______ can consist of glass or different types of walls.

31. A project view that shows details not directly associated with the building model. For example - a ______ can show how carpet transitions to tile - or details of a roof drain. A ______ typically shows construction details that may not be apparent in

32. A line that indicates the middle of a dimension or model element (such as a column or a wall). In Revit Architecture - you can use an element's ______ to measure - dimension - align - resize - specify constraints - and perform other functions in a bu

33. A visualization tool that you use to create a 3D view of a building model. When you place a camera in a 2D view - you can control the target point - the ______ level - and the focal point of the ______. The following views show a camera positioned in

34. A copy of a view. Use ______ when a view of the building model is too large to display on a single sheet - and you need to divide the model into smaller segments that fit on the sheets. The ______ remains synchronous with the primary view and other d

35. A view whose plane is parallel to the plane of another view. For example - a Level 1 floor plan is parallel to a Level 2 floor plan. An east elevation view is parallel to a west elevation view. The following drawing illustrates the parallel planes th

36. A set of colors and fill patterns used to graphically designate rooms or areas in a floor plan. You can apply ______ based on any parameter value for a room or area. For example - if you want to color rooms by department - set the Department paramete

37. A 2D drawing of a building model that shows the layout of walls - rooms - and other building components. A floor ______ presents a view of the building as though you are looking down on it from above - with the roof and intervening levels removed. A

38. A 3-dimensional shape that has measurable volume. Non-volumetric geometry refers to a 2-dimensional shape.

39. A uniform distance from an element or line - along which the element or line will move - or a new element or line will be created. For example - when creating walls - you might specify an ______ of 5 meters. When you select an existing wall - Revit A

40. A sketch line that indicates where to split a view for a dependent view - as shown.

41. A model element - annotation element - datum element - or imported element in a project.

42. A list of the subcomponents or materials of any Revit family. ______ have all the functionality and characteristics of other schedule views - but they allow you to show more detail about the assembly of a component. Any material that is applied to a

43. A horizontal plane that represents ground level in a building model. In Revit Architecture - you can specify the ground plane when creating a solar study for 2D and 3D views.

44. A wall that is inserted into another wall of a different type or construction. ______ are useful - for example - when you need to create a storefront on a building exterior. The following image shows a curtain wall embedded in a host wall.

45. A setting that determines the appearance or behavior of an element - type - or view. Also called a parameter.

46. A line of a particular pattern - weight - and color - used to indicate different effects. For example - in the following site plan - a red dashed line indicates the zoning setback. Revit Architecture predefines several ______ and uses them for defaul

47. A list of changes made to a building design or construction document. A ______ displays in the title block of a sheet. As you add views with revision clouds to sheets - the ______ updates with information about the corresponding revisions.

48. An Autodesk feature that allows you to drag and drop content from a web page into a Revit session. Using ______ - designers and developers have the power to create web pages that can easily be dragged and dropped into Autodesk design products that ar

49. The settings used in a project that you want to apply to another project. ______ include family types - line weights - materials - view templates - and object styles.

50. A table of information that you create to simplify or automate data entry in other - larger schedules. A ______ can reduce the time required to produce a larger schedule and help to generate accurate cost estimates. For example - a room schedule for