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Basic English Words For All

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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Cold or calm and relaxed - or fashionable/good

2. The game when players hit a ball over a net with a racket

3. From Scotland

4. A woman who serves food and drinks in a restaurant

5. Describes someone who doesn't smile - or a statement that isn't funny

6. A building where you can see art

7. Period of time between 14th and 17th centuries when art. literature - philosophy and scientific ideas became important

8. Extremely fashionable

9. Extremely good or of high quality

10. From India

11. A fact or thing that someone finds out about (noun)

12. Opposite of possible

13. A room in a hotel for 2 persons

14. A place where planes take off and land - with buildings for passengers to wait in

15. Scribes something that is a long distance from one side to the other

16. A competition to find the best player or team

17. Extremely good - UNBELIEVABLE

18. Extremely popular song

19. Prepare a meal

20. A game played between 2 teams who try to kick the ball into a wide net.

21. Describes something that make you feel unhappy

22. From The Netherlands

23. E.g. to use something which is typical of what you are talking about.

24. From Peru

25. Using a camera

26. Holiday activity of living in a tent

27. Country of Hungarians

28. The act of using weapons against an enemy in a war

29. A public road in a town

30. A business where you can keep and get your money

31. A room or building containing books that can be looked at or borrowed

32. A table for work in school or office

33. Short coat

34. Not any person

35. Activity of riding on a horse

36. Particular area where something happens or is

37. Very unkind - unpleansant and shocking;often used for a taste that stays in the mouth or an event when people are hurt.

38. A piece of clothing for women that hangs from the waist and is not joined between the legs.

39. A story about people who are in love

40. A measure of how hot or cold a place or a thing is

41. Most important city in the country

42. Someone who makes things in a factory

43. 5th

44. Legal status of being a citizen of a particular country

45. Someone who tells the actors and cameramen what to do in a film or play.

46. A piece of men's clothing that covers the top part of the body. It usually has long sleeves and bottons down the front.

47. Describes someone who is pleasant and kind

48. You use it for a place but you don't know where

49. Failure to win

50. Time of the year when flowers and leaves appear