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Basic English Words For All

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Person who studies or teaches mathematics or is a specialist in it

2. Activity of putting up a tent and living in it on holiday

3. Describes something that makes you laugh

4. Country of Hungarians

5. Feeling pleasant opposite :uncomfortable

6. Become husband and wife

7. The sport of flying using equipment without an engine that looks like a kite

8. From Wales

9. Opposite of friendly

10. 2nd

11. Round object that is kicked -thrown or hit in a game or sport

12. E.g. to use something which is typical of what you are talking about.

13. Part in the middle of your face you use to smell

14. Describes someone who makes a lot of unpleasant sounds

15. Story about exciting or dangerous events

16. Describes something or someone that makes you laugh

17. Building where you can stay for a short time

18. To ask people questions in a formal situation

19. A narrow cloth that a man wears around his neck under the collar of his shirt.It is tied with a knot.

20. One of the hard white parts inside your body

21. Meal you eat in the middle of the day

22. - a scientist who has special knowledge and training in chemistry or - a person who is trained to prepare medicines

23. A room that you have lessons in

24. Feeling which makes you shout because something is cruel or unfair

25. 12.00 h.

26. A building where children have lessons

27. In or across an area

28. Country of a Ukrainian

29. Land that is owned or controlled by a particular country - ruler or military force

30. The area of land next to the sea

31. My sister's or my brother's son

32. Areas outside towns and cities

33. Person from Brazil

34. A shop where you can buy all kinds of things for your animals at home

35. Not inside

36. Describes someone who doesn't work hard

37. Of the past - present or future

38. High

39. A public road in a town

40. Short trousers that end at or above the knees

41. Stories and books about imagined characters and events

42. Unit for messuring temperature

43. Game when 2 team try to throw the ball through a high net

44. Opposite of helpful

45. A very small town in the countryside

46. The main meal of the day

47. A piece (of chocolate or soap)

48. Not well

49. Sport when 2 teams move across the ice and try to hit a puck into the net

50. A large strong building - built in the past as a safe place that could be easily defended against an attack